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Straight Office Desks

Block Single Office Desk


Block Single Office Desk Open Slab End Workstation 1500mm W x 750mm D x 730mm H E1 Rated Melamine Board - 25mm T Worksurface / 25mm T Ironstone Underframe 2 x 80mm Dia Cable Entry Holes In Work Top Features Available with Black Steel Frame or...

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Quick Span Office Desk


Quick Span Office Desk  Size - 1200mm W, 1500mm W, 1800mm W x 700mm D x 730mm H Colour - Beech, Warm White Frame Colour - White Satin, Silver, Black Unique Span Leg - Matching Melamine Modesty Panel E1 Rated Melamine Board - 2 x 80mm Dia Cable...

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Block Manager Desk


Block Manager Desk Colour - Appletree E1 Rated Melamine Board - 25mm T Worksurface  Black P/C underframe W/ Perforated Modesty Panels 2 x 80mm Dia Cable Entry Holes In Work Top Features Appletree top with Black Steel Frame One Piece...

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Axle Straight Office Desk


Axle Straight Office Desk Features Axle straightline desk with black or white powdercoated 50mm x 50mm frame and 50mm x 25mm rail 25mm studio white or new oak worktop with PVC edge Worktop Size with modesty: 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x...

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OM Bow Front Office Desk


OM Bow Front Office Desk Features   Our OM Range of desks are known for their high quality and durability in the workplace. Made with 25mm top over 25mm sides. 3 year warranty.   Material: Beech/Charcoal Cherry/Charcoal Redwood/Charcoal ...

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Sonnet P-end Office Desk


Sonnet P-end Office Desk Features The Sonnet P-end desk is available in left hand (FISDKP21L-LOK) and right hand (FISDKP21R-LOK). Available in Beech Finish 10 Year Warranty Measurements:  Footprint  2100mm wide x 1050mm deep x 730mm...

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Nimble Modern Office Desk


Nimble Modern Office Desk Features Nimble Shared layout with worktop of Size 1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 800mm, 1600mm x 600mm, 1600mm x 750mm, 1600mm x 800mm, 1800mm x 600mm, 1800mm x 750mm, 1800mm x...

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Arrow Single Office Desk


Arrow Single Office Desk  Features Arrow Straightline desk with worktop size of 1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 600mm, 1800mm x 750mm. White and Silver Cantilever leg frame with structural cable...

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Cubit Straight Office Desk


  Cubit Straight Office Desk Functional, modern and clean, Cubit adds subtle but certain class to any office environment with its timeless 50x50mm square leg design. The fine, minimalistic lines of the Cubit Desk System create an air of openness...

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Office Computer Desks Create the Perfect Workspace to Boost Creativity

Why settle for a boring computer desk? These straight office desks are suitable for all your office based work. Both modern and aesthetically pleasing, these desk designs come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes including Groove computer desk, the Think desk and the cool Urban Slimline.

When you spend 8 hours a day at your work desk, it is important that you choose a desk that is functional and comfortable. People don’t realize how much their desk plays a part in their productivity throughout the day, and it is amazing to see the higher levels of success that can be achieved when you are using the right type of desk for your office.

How do you feel when you walk into your office space? Do you look at the desk and dread the idea of sitting there for the entire day? Or, have you deliberately designed the workspace to increase your satisfaction and productivity?

Computer Desks Offer Endless Possibilities

Straight desks are a good option to consider, because they are aesthetically pleasing with their modern design. The clean lines of a straight desk allow you to setup the furniture in any way within the office, helping you to maximize the space that is available and create the perfect setup to boost productivity.

If you are looking for a desk to sit against a wall, then you might consider a straight desk that is sized appropriate to the wall space that is available. Or, these desks can be placed away from the wall, so that you can face the rest of the room instead of looking at the wall throughout the day. Since the desk has a simple, sleek design, it will look great in any position within the room.

Another option is to create workstation clusters using straight desks. If you are building an open office space for a group of employees, straight desks look attractive and fun when they are paired with trendy chairs and other contemporary office furniture. Employees can still maintain their privacy while they are working, because colorful screens can be installed between the desks to separate the work space a little bit. Even though the screens are used to break up the desk space, employees are still in close proximity so they can talk with their teammates as needed throughout the day.

Upgrade Your Office Environment

Are you looking for a way to boost employee morale and increase office sales at the same time? Creating the perfect office environment can have a direct impact on the attitude of each of your employees. These contemporary desks create a fun environment where people can thrive while they are at work, helping to increase productivity of everyone in the office.

Contact us today for more information about the types of straight desks that are available, and we will help you choose the perfect desk design for your office space.

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