Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

With designer office chairs from Urban Hyve, you could be!

There's nothing quite as comfortable as an office that is completely kitted out with all the right furniture. Great design and furnishing add value to your workplace, and it's not just for space, but for the users, too. At Urban Hyve, we work closely with our designers to ensure that you have an attractive office that is correctly furnished from the designer office desks to the designer storage you need. Our free design consultation service could change the game for your office, and we offer a free space planning service to help you to map it all out. Talk to an expert today and get yourself a free quote!

You may not have considered choosing the more high-end, luxury designers for your office furniture, but perhaps you should. Below, you'll find some of the greatest reasons to go for it with your designer furniture.

Why Choose Designer Brands For Your Office Furniture

The way that your office looks matters. Some will say it doesn't, that it's the calibre of the work that's happening that counts the most, and they would be right. The thing is, we live in a world where clients care about appearances, and where your business is mostly client-facing, you need to think about your aesthetics and how you compete with your rivals. Ensuring that you have an office that has the best furniture, design and overall look is critical for your business success. Our designer office chairs, such as our Sydney Mesh Task office chair are ergonomic and made to the highest quality - you deserve the best!

It may look like you're allocating a massive chunk of your cash to furniture which could be spent on any number of business practices, but it's an investment in the future of your business. With Urban Hyve, the designer furniture is there to showcase what your company is about, and your personality can ooze through based on what you want people to know about you. Here are some other reasons you should go for designer labels with your designer office furniture.

It Looks Good

It's simple, really. The designer furniture that you can buy with Urban Hyve doesn't just function well, it's sleek, smooth and fits nicely into your business without a fuss. First impressions? Those still matter today, and they apply to your business. A contemporary, modern and luxury office simply shows the world that you are to be taken seriously. Our furniture range is smart, fitting and it's going to impress the people that you bring into your office. If you need ideas, go and view some of the designer furniture that you can find in other, larger offices, so that you can decide what you like.

It Feels Good

Ergonomic furniture matters for the comfort and wellbeing of your staff. If you are choosing the type of furniture that supports their spine and posture, you're going to have a workforce of people that sit better, feel better and have a lower absentee rate. The designer office chairs that you buy with Urban Hyve are designed to help your staff stay motivated while making your office look good at the same time. You could choose to buy designer office desks that are designed for your team to stand up, too, so you can really think about your furniture and how it impacts others.

It Sounds Good

How many times have you wanted to hear from your staff that they are happy in their job, comfortable? With the right designer office furniture from Urban Hyve, you can choose furnishings in a range of styles, sizes, and colours to make your office pop. With happier staff, you have better workplace productivity, and your business is going to benefit hugely from this. The Swizzle Ergonomic Ottoman is a ball seat, which can support the spine and makes for an interesting modern look for your office. Talk to one of our experts about the free design consultation that we offer; we’ll help you to make the right furniture decisions.

We can provide you with designer office furniture sets that will suit the shape and design of your office, meaning that you no longer have to work for your designer furniture to fit in.

Why Urban Hyve?

At Urban Hyve, we get that you want to be better than average. The average desk has been around since the 1980s, and our designer office desks and designer office storage has evolved so that you can improve everything from workplace productivity to aesthetics. What better to walk into your office and see a designer reception desk with all the modern conveniences? Desks are more suited to technology rather than paperwork now, and at Urban Hyve we stock a range of designer office desks to reflect your technological needs.

Many offices have had to work to a budget in the past, but with Urban Hyve, you can choose designer office furniture that stands out. Budget is always a concern, but if you want the best for your business and your staff, it's time to loosen the budget and invest in yourself. Your impressions on others matter, and instead of creating a tight desk space to pack in as many people as possible, you need to create a look that focuses on the people and their comfort.

Choosing classy designer office furniture is essential as you want to make the best impression on those who visit and work within your office. There are a range of possibilities with Urban Hyve, from an entirely new designer reception to furniture that catches the eye when you walk through the door. We choose the latest materials to enhance your office look, ensuring that we incorporate the latest trends in modern furniture. We want to help you to utilise your budget in the best way, and we can do this with our team on hand to install and deliver your furniture for you.

An Urban Hyve Impression

At Urban Hyve, we aim to make the objective of setting a good impression a priority. We offer designer office furniture at affordable prices, and we do it with a warranty that lasts. We are all about modern design, premium quality and we provide solutions that matter for your company.

Contemporary, modern offices deserve the best, and our designer tables for offices provide you with unique and eye-catching designs within your office space.  

You don’t need to worry about the space you have; our free space planning service is there to help you to envision your office in the best designer office furniture that you can invest in. We offer you free quotes, to help you to make the right choice. Talking to one of our friendly experts today can help you to make a plan, choose gorgeous contemporary designer furniture and really make your day!

Projecting your business image is important, and all of our designer office furniture is available Australia-wide. We offer free shipping within Australia, and you can guarantee when you call for our advice on design and style, we've got the experts who will talk you through the best designer office furniture for you.

You deserve to buy with confidence, so contact us today for more.

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