Projector Screens & Trolleys

Projector Screens & Trolleys Create a Digital Experience for Meetings and Presentations

Do you want to show your clients and employees that your office is current with the latest meeting and presentation technology? If not, you could be sending the wrong impression to clients and employees of your company. In order to facilitate good digital meetings and presentations, it is important to have the right multimedia tools and accessory equipment available.

Media Connects the Presentation to Everyone in the Room

When you incorporate high-tech media tools, you create the opportunity to connect your presentation with each person who is in attendance. Some presenters make the mistake of assuming that it will be enough to stand in front of the group and talk for an hour, but many times this presentation style is tiresome and not received very well.

There are always people in the group who learn better through visual examples, such as photos and videos, infographics and metrics. But, it can be a challenge to include these media elements if you don’t have the right tools available. Selecting the right projector screens and trolleys will allow you to incorporate a digital element into the presentation.

Portable Tools for Digital Presentations

When you are setting up the digital tools within your office, you should try to make sure that several elements are included in the room. First, it is necessary to have a projector screen where the images can be displayed. You might choose a wall mounted or pull down projector screen. Another option is a portable tripod projector screen.

Next, you need a projector to display the images and videos from your computer or tablet. These projectors can be fix mounted into the room or ceiling, or you might use the projector on a portable stand.

The advantage to portable equipment is that the projector and screen can be used in any room within the office space. If you need to have the digital equipment in the break room during one part of the day and in the boardroom later in the day, it’s not a problem to quickly move the equipment from one place to the next. You might even consider the option to use a portable laptop projector stand, which has a secure place for both the projector and the laptop so that you can easily access your digital componentry during the presentation.

Do you need help choosing the right accessories to be prepared for a digital presentation in your office? Contact us today, and we can help you select the office furniture and tools that are best fitted for the needs of your organization.

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