Leather Chairs

Leather Office Chairs

Office chairs are one of the most significant purchases that you are going to make for your office, so being able to shop choose from a broad range of upholstered leather office chairs is essential. With Urban Hyve, you can choose from a variety of upholstered leather office chairs that are ergonomic for your comfort.

The right chair tells people a lot about your business and what you can offer, which is why it's a careful decision that must be made. Offices that have chair models in bright, soft fabrics often give off a more cheerful and happy vibe, whereas the leather office chairs out there convey authority and serious business. Executive leather chairs are impressive, imposing positively, and available with Urban Hyve.

Advantages of Leather Office Chairs

Choosing executive leather chairs is so much more comfortable with Urban Hyve, you just need to know why you are buying them. Let's take a look at some of the reasons that you should be investing in leather office chairs over the fabric.


There are so many materials that are used in the construction of office chairs, and PU office chairs and leather chairs have more advantages than other materials. Leather has full padding throughout the entire front and back of the seat, meaning that you are comfortable and supported all day long. When you spend a fair amount of time sitting at your desk, you need this support.

Durable Material

Leather provides you with a more durable material than other options, and you can choose to make it live for longer with oil treatment on the material. It keeps the leather soft, and it just looks good!

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant plus points with leather chairs that you can find with Urban Hyve is the face that spills are easy to clean. Everyone has an accident with food or drink from time to time, and with fabric office chairs, you can find it hard to remove the stain. Leather chairs do not have this problem!


Fabric and plastic office chairs are more popular than leather for most offices, and this is usually because they can be bulk ordered with a low price tag. Leather chairs are more expensive, and yet because they last for a long time and don't really require repairs and maintenance, you earn money on them. Cutting corners with cheaper chairs is a low cost up front, but over time they'll cost you more. It's always better to invest in executive leather chairs up front and have one higher cost to start with, as you'll save yourself money over time with the Urban Hyve range.

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