Heavy Duty Chairs

Heavy Duty Office Chairs

At JP Office Workstations, we offer a wide range of heavy duty desk chairs. We understand that when it comes to office chairs, they often get vigorous, constant use, which is why our chairs have been designed to withstand 24-hour use. The idea of heavy duty ergonomic office chairs is that they offer a comfortable and supportive place to sit and work from, helping to reduce the risk of back problems, as well as other work-related injuries.

Each of our heavy duty office chairs has been designed with generous proportions, which means that they can accommodate users of most sizes and shapes. Our chairs have been designed to easily support up to 160 kg of weight, and are made to be a perfect fit for slightly heavier office chair users, due to their stronger and more robust designs.  

Every one of our heavy duty ergonomic office chairs has a comfortable padded seat and an ergonomically contoured backrest for added comfort. In addition to having height adjustability, to make it easier to use these chairs with various office workstations and office desks and tables. As part of the ergonomic design of these chairs, each has lumbar support and effective weight tension control, and the option of adjustable armrests for additional comfort if required.

It’s a well-known fact that back problems are a common occurrence in office workers, in fact, they are one of the most commonly reported problems. Various studies have shown that usually, the cause of back problems in office workers is linked to posture, and how they are sat, which is what makes providing comfortable, size appropriate ergonomic chairs even more important for your team members. Our chairs are designed in a way that discourages slouching and ensures that while your team members are working, they are doing so comfortably and safely.

Should you choose to shop with us, whatever your tastes are, you will be able to find that ideal seating solution for your team members that are comfortable and ergonomic, and also complement your workspace. We have a wide range of options, including netted, material and leather options, each of which comes in a range of different chair styles.

We design our heavy duty ergonomic chairs to last so that you can trust that they will not only stand the test of time but that they’ll also remain comfortable and look smart for many years to come.

At JP Office Workstations, we are proud to offer a vast range of ergonomic office chairs that are designed perfectly for heavy duty use. We believe in ensuring that every single one of your office workers’ needs are met, which is why we offer such a wide range of ergonomic seating options, including designs made for heavier built people. The great thing about our heavy duty ergonomic office chairs is that they come in a range of designs and styles, so that you can choose the ideal one to fit the design and style of your workspace and budget.

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