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Nova Fabric Visitor Chair


Nova Fabric Visitor Chair Designed to suit sophisticated gatherings and atmosphere, this 4 leg stackable visitor chair  allows linking and has a black frame and poly back. The front of the backrest and the seat are upholstered in fabric to maximize...

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Playing a significant role in the effectiveness of student learning, chairs are an undeniably important piece of furniture in schools and at home. Contributing to the everyday comfort, posture and mental support of learners, choosing the right student chair is an important decision. 

At Urban Hyve we understand this importance, which is why we stock a wide range of student chairs and other educational furniture to suit the needs of every unique learner. Browse our collection of student chairs online to find the perfect chair for your classroom, study or bedroom today. 

Improving productivity and comfort at home and school

From stackable plastic chairs to desk stools, padded chairs and ergonomic chairs with wheels, our range of student chairs is bound to increase collaboration and focus. With different sizes and adjustable chair options, students can sit more comfortably instead of having to constantly reposition themselves throughout their study sessions. 

Improve attention levels, memory and concentration with an ergonomic student chair that offers both comfort and posture support. Whether you prefer those with mesh or padded backs or a particular chairback height, we have many styles to choose from. 

For a more flexible option, many of our student chairs are adjustable and have wheels so students can alter their chair height based on their learning preferences and teachers can organise collaborative and interactive classroom activities. 

Student chairs in different colours and styles

Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive; our student chairs online are supportive as well as attractive. From slick all-black designs to modern steel varieties and those with soft fabric coverings in beautiful colours, you can find a student chair at Urban Hyve that looks as good as it feels. 

Find the best student chairs in Australia

Whether at home or in the classroom, a comfortable student chair supports better learning and is the foundation for happier students. Place an order for student chairs today and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide.

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