Straight Office Desks

Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand

$162.83 $111.53

Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand Mobile Laptop Desk - Walnut This sleek, stylish laptop desk offers maximum flexibility to set up your workplace anywhere you want in an instant. Get comfortable by freely adjusting the tabletop to suit for different...

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Artiss White/Black Height Adjustable Standing Desk

$1,147.63 $786.04

Artiss White/Black Height Adjustable Standing Desk Do not let a standard desk restrict your preferred working posture. You can now have a choice of working while sitting or standing with our Artiss Roskos I Motorised Adjustable Desk. Using its smooth...

Straight Office Desks

Straight Office Desks For Admin And Managerial Needs

Straight office desks are ideal for admin and managerial staff. They provide low-cost, utilitarian workstations and are great for keeping within budget.

Straight office desks provide for all admin and managerial needs. Not only do they come in a range of form-factors, but they can also be customised to fit the dimensions of your office.

Straight office desks can be aligned in any orientation you like, giving you added flexibility when fitting out your office. They make an excellent replacement for existing office furniture.

At Urban Hyve, we supply only the highest-quality straight desks. Take a look at some of our offerings below.

Straight Office Desks Available In Sit-Stand Versions

Employees spend a lot of time sitting. Not only does this hamper their productivity, but it is also detrimental to their wellbeing.

Older employees, especially those in middle age, need to be able to stand to facilitate blood flow and signal to their bodies that they should repair.

Our range of sit-stand straight office desks gives your employees the option of both sitting and standing, enhancing energy levels and performance.

Check out our sit-stand straight desk options today and bring extra physical activity to your office.

Straight Office Desks Available In Back-To-Back Or In-Line

Our straight office desks are available in two formats: back-to-back and in-line.

Back-to-back office desks are desks where the backs are touching. Employees sitting at back-to-back desks face each other.

Our back-to-back office desks are ideal, therefore, for organisations that need to facilitate effective teamwork between employees.

In-line desks are those connected side-by-side. Employees sit beside each other in a row.

In-line desks are best for offices that want to emphasise solo work.

A combination of in-line and back-to-back straight office desks can be used to create workstations clusters.

You can install workstation clusters for a particular team or to foster better use of office space. Whatever the reason, our straight office desks give you the versatility you need to make an office space your own.

Ergonomic Design And Made Of High-Quality Materials

All our straight office desks are made with ergonomics in mind. At Urban Hyve, we understand that excellent ergonomics is the foundation of comfort and injury avoidance.

We make straight office desks with heigh-adjustability, allowing employees to fix their workspace at the ideal height. We also stock special ergonomic straight office desks for computer terminals.

We believe in making straight office desks to the highest standard possible so that they last a lifetime - or at least the lifetime of your firm.

Choose our straight office desks today and keep reaping the rewards of your investment deep into the future.

Ships Australia-Wide

Urban Hyve ships all over Australia, regardless of the location of your firm. That’s one of the many benefits of choosing us as your office furniture supplier.

We ship to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra. We also provide an installation service throughout Australia on all the straight office desks that we ship.

Get in touch with us today to find out more. Don’t forget, we offer a full warranty on all straight office desks.  

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