6 Person Desks

6 Person Desks

Types Of 6-Person Desks

At Urban Hyve, we stock a wide range of 6-person desks designed to facilitate your every office need.

Our six-person desks are ideal for when you want to make the best use of available space or foster teamwork. Check out all the types of 6-person desks that you can get when you choose us.


Back-to-back six-person desks are arranged so that employees face each other.

The back of one desk meets the back of another, hence the name “back-to-back.”

Back-to-back desks are a great way to provide workers with a cluster of desks to make use of available space in your office.


6-person side-by-side desks are ideal for when you want to take up space along a wall, or you want to fill the interior space of an office.

Our side-by-side desks arrange employees in a line, giving you flexibility and helping to improve worker privacy in high-density environments.

Corner 6-Person Desks

Our corner desks for 6 help you to make use of awkward corner spaces, helping you get the most of our for square footage.

Corner desks are arranged ergonomically to allow workers to come and go as they perform their tasks easily.

Height-Adjustable 6-Person Desks

If you run a hot-desking policy or merely want to give your employees the ability to adjust their working spaces, then height-adjustable 6 pod desks are the ideal solution.

With our height-adjustable desk, your employees can get a superior level of comfort while working, helping to improve productivity.

Sit-Stand Desks For 6-People

Sitting is the new smoking - or so the science seems to indicate. So you need an office which helps to reduce the amount of time that people spend in the sitting position.

Our sit-stand desks for 6 give your employees the ability to sit or stand throughout the day as they get on with their work, boosting health and wellbeing.

Additional Accessories

All our 6-person desks come with a range of useful and stylish accessories.

Modesty Panels

Modesty panels are important, especially for 6-person desks. Our modesty panels sit between sections of our 6-person desks, helping to maintain individual privacy.

Modesty panels are essential for worker comfort, especially when employees are working in close quarters.

Under-Desk Cable Management

The number of cables generated by six work stations can be substantial.

With our under-desk cable management, you can hide unsightly cables and give your office a minimalist, clean finish.

Cable-management helps to prevent trips and falls and damage to your electronics.

Desk-Based Privacy Screens

Workers need private spaces to carry out their work. Our desk-based privacy screens help to create 6-pod clusters, giving workers more seclusion for carrying out sensitive tasks.

Multiple Top Colours And Top Sizes

You can customise the size and colour of your desks to match your office.

You can also add multiple 6-person desks to build a cluster of ergonomic office desks in a style of your choosing.


Our impressive warranty covers all our 6-person desks, giving you peace of mind.

Australia-Wide Delivery And Installation

At Urban Hyve, we deliver desks all over Australia. We can deliver to offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Canberra.

We can also install 6-person desks in your office and provide cable management services.

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