Manager Desks

Modern Manager Desks

With our selection of modern manager desks, you can create the perfect managerial setup for your office. At Urban Hyve, our modern manager desks give you both the space you need to work as well as plenty of additional functionality, from under-desk storage to height-adjustability.

Corner / L-Shaped

Corner and L-shaped manager desks help you to create a managerial presence in practically any office. With a corner desk, you can make use of unused space and position yourself in an easily accessible location.

Our L-shaped and corner desks come in both fixed and height-adjustable varieties.



Straight manager desks come in a range of sizes and lengths, providing you with plenty of options.

You can place straight manager desks up against walls or in separate offices.

Height Adjustable

Height-adjustable manager desks are great for hot desking. Each person who uses the desk can adjust the height according to their preferences.

Height-adjustable manager desks are also ideal for when you have two people sharing the same managerial role.

Each person can adjust the height of the desk, improving ergonomics and productivity.


If managers in your organisation are chained to the desk and on their phones all day long, they may be sitting for longer than they should.

With our sit-stand manager desks, you can provide a working space that allows managers to stand up as often as they like.

Standing helps to improve circulation and reduces the amount of time that a person spends sedentary, which could be bad for manager health and wellbeing.

Under-Desk Storage Options

At Urban Hyve, we understand that managers need storage space close by to manage all their files and folders.

That’s why we supply many manager desks with under-desk storage options. With our under-desk storage options, you get an all-in-one storage solution and can avoid ugly filing cabinets.

Executive-Style Desks With Ergonomic Seating

Our executive-style desks come with ergonomic seating; vital if you’re sat at your desk all day long.

With ergonomic seating, you can achieve higher levels of comfort than you thought possible.

Large Office Desks If You Require More Space To Work

Need more space for executives and managers in your office? No problem. With our large office desks, you get the area you need to work.

Large office desks provide an exceptional value proposition, enabling you to accommodate multiple managers at a single desk or give you the space you need to perform detailed work.

Choose From A Range Of Sizes, Colours, And Materials

At Urban Hyve, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we offer all our manager desks in a range of sizes, colours and materials to suit your particular setting.


Our impressive warranty covers all our manager desks. By choosing us, your organisation can minimise its risks and rest-assured that all desks are built to last.

Australia-Wide Delivery And Installation

At Urban Hyve, we deliver and install manager desks across Australia. We can deliver and install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra - and many more locations to boot.

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