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CardGO Duplex Card Cabinets Features 6 Drawer Duplex Card Cabinet - 1018h x 467w x 610d 7 Drawer Duplex Card Cabinet - 1171h x 467w x 610d 8 Drawer Duplex Card Cabinet - 1325h x 467w x 610d 6 Drawer Duplex Card Cabinet - 1150h x 510w...

Tambours Provide a Stylish Storage Solution for Your Office

These tambours are great for optimising available floor space in the office. These tambours are the modern, sleek solution for storage issues. The tambours selection includes modern lockable storagedoor cabinet storage as well as tambour planter box solutions. These tambours are the answer to protect written records against dust and unauthorised people accessing your important business information. 

If you are tired of boring cupboards and filing cabinets, then you should consider the option to include tambours that can be used for storage in any office space. Many offices run into storage problems, because there isn’t enough space to hold the supplies and paperwork that are required to keep the office functional.

It is easy to find yourself in a situation where the clutter of the office quickly builds up, and you have a difficult time keeping everything organized and out of the way. Don’t settle for boring solutions, because tambours are very functional and pleasant to look at.

Modern Sliding Doors Create a Chic Design

Most storage solutions have basic doors that swing open and closed, but tambours are unique because they incorporate doors that can slide to easily access the space without requiring floor area to let the doors swing open.

When the doors are closed, they can be locked for security, and they add a little bit of class and style to the room. You can add additional style features by incorporating tambour planter boxes, which allow you to have some live or fake plants to brighten up the area and add life to your workspace.

Protection and Security for Your Files and Paperwork

Open office settings can create a problem of security for your belongings and files, which is why it is essential to have a space that can be locked to protect your paperwork. You don’t want to leave sensitive paperwork out when you are away from the desk, and tambours make it easy to secure anything that needs to be locked up.

Additionally, the items inside are protected from dust, and you don’t need to worry about papers flying off the desk if wind blows through the door.

If you need a way to store the items in your office, make them easily accessible throughout the day, and reduce the amount of floor space that is required for the storage furniture, then tambours might be the right solution for your office. They are built with strong shelves, and the mobile tambours caddy also has built-in drawers. The mobility can be very beneficial if you need to easily move the items around the office, or if you are looking for a way to change the furniture setup in the room.

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