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Clean & Dirty Metal Lockers


Clean & Dirty Metal Lockers Clean and dirty clothes or casual clothes and uniforms.Features Personal compartment.(Clear opening 284mm high, Internal height 315mm).Hanging compartment.(Clear opening 1375mm high, Internal height 1390mm).Central divider...

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Dual Compartment Steel Lockers


Dual Compartment Steel Lockers A locker with separate personal and hanging compartments. Features Australian made from heavy gauge steel.Welded frame and cross supports provide strength and stability.Perimeter door surround, prevents the doors from being...

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Lockers Provide Stylish, Secure Storage Spaces in Your Office, School or Gym

These metal lockers are perfect solution to secure personal storage in the gymschool or workplace. They provide sufficient space for storage issues. The locker selection includes a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 door options as well as a customisable option available in a variety of colours. These lockers are the answer to improve space management but still permitting privacy in the workplace, gym or school. 

Security can be an issue if a lot of people are moving through a public area, and you should provide employees with a safe place where they can store their personal belongings. How do you provide storage solutions if people don’t have a dedicated work space, or if they aren’t sitting at a desk all day? Metal lockers are safe and secure, and they can be used in a variety of settings.

Providing Employees with Peace of Mind

When your employees are working, you want them to focus on the tasks during the day instead of worrying about the safety of their bag or purse. Everyone needs to carry their personal items with them to work, especially if they need to access those items when they are on break or during lunch. Lockers provide them with their own space, so that they can tuck their items away and lock everything up to prevent theft.

Lockers are functional, but you should consider a stylish design to make them trendy and modern. Make sure the lockers are pleasant to look at, because it will make the employees happier to store their items inside.

Security in Public Spaces

If you own a gym or school, or any other type of public space where people might need to tuck away their things, then lockers can be the perfect solution. These lockers allow people to put their items inside, and then use a deadbolt on the door to lock everything up. You can choose smaller lockers, or large and tall lockers depending on the types of things that might be stored.

Another way to improve the design of the locker room is to choose the seat locker, which gives people a bench to sit on while they are changing their clothes or packing their bags. These small features can make a big difference in the overall satisfaction that people experience when they are visiting your location.

You can choose lockers in a variety of colors and design styles, to make sure they look nice with the decor throughout the rest of the building. Additionally, you can choose the number of doors that are included in each unit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12.

Contact us to learn more about the lockers that you can choose from, and we will help you choose the perfect layout for your office or workspace.

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