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Office Desk

An office is made up of multiple furniture items. Though every piece of furniture is important in the scheme of office operations and has its own unique value, the office desk is the most active part of the entire setup. It is the seat of action where all the paper and computer work takes place. Employees use them for the maximum amount of time and they see more action than other furniture items in the office. This is the reason office desks are among the most important office furniture items and if you are looking to set up or upgrade your office, you should pay special attention to the computer desks aka office desks.

You must know it for a fact that office desks are not just basic furniture. It is not the old wooden desk that graced the offices years back. In the present context, the office desk is a stylish, well-designed, feature-rich and comfort-offering piece of furniture that serves the modern-age office goers. We at Urban Hyve understand the need of the current generation and have a wide collection of office desk that is laden with stylish looks and a comfortable setting that is open to modification and can be altered to suit the convenience of the user. All of this is a result of improvement in technology and growing awareness about the impact of office interiors on the productivity of employees. Since furniture is central to office interiors, the awareness has led to thoughtfully designed office desks that justify décor and ergonomics to the fullest. Fine office desks are necessary to keep employees healthy, boost their productivity and build the right impression before clients and customers.

Types of office desks

Office desks come in various shapes, colors, material and sizes. The design and styles have evolved a great deal from the basic rectangular desks that adorned the offices decades back. Today, you can find plenty of office desks suited for different types of office spaces and working requirements. The most basic categorization of office desks pertains to the number of people i.e. users of the desk. So, there is 1 person desk which caters to the working needs of one person. The desk has arrangement for cable ports and storage for one user. Similarly, there are 2 person desks, 3 person desks, 4 person desks and 6 person desks for the respective number of users. All of these desks have sufficient space, cable ports and storage points.

The next categorization is based on the space inside the office premise where the office desk would be located. So, there are regular desks for employees who work on computers in the cubicles and then there are executive office desks, also called manager desks for cabins. These executive office desks are remarkable for their big size, spacious design and fine aesthetics. Then comes the most important corner i.e. the reception which catches everyone’s attention before the insides of the office. It is the entrance of the office and is best served by reception desks units/counters that have suitable design and display to fit into the prime place and give the right feel to the visitors.

Depending on size, there are small office desks, regular size desks and executive office desks. The small desks are best suited for offices that have limited space and the regular and executive desks require adequate space to be kept. The corner/L shaped office desks are also best for small offices and come across as a brilliant space saving solution. They are quite popular among office interior decorators and also a great option to capitalize on the corner space in the office. Last but not the least, there are ergonomic desks best found in the form of height adjustable/sit stand desks that are meant for comfort and convenience of the people working on them. They can be suitably adjusted by the employee during the course of their work. Based on shape, there are rectangular desks, L-shaped desks, E-shaped desks, oval desks, P-end office desks and many more. There is no end to creative shapes that you can find these days and it offers to be a wonderful way to create fashionable and functional workspace in the office. As for material, wood is still the reigning favourite but other materials like glass, ply, high-grade plastic, etc. have made an entry on to the scene and the desk variety has only gotten better due to their introduction.

How to select best office desks?

Selection of desks, whether straight office desks or home office desks, needs a fair amount of research and awareness. If you want optimum value for money which you must aim at, you should visit Urban Hyve which houses an exclusive collection of office desks at a reasonable price. Also, you must keep it in mind that it is not every day that you will buy an office desk and that it is a long term investment. So, you should be careful as well as calculative. What you need to calculate is your budget and office space. What you need to take care of is comfort and style as both are important in the present-day work environment.

Before anything else, you should measure the office space and take the measurements of the corners where the furniture will be placed. This will help to avoid clutter and unnecessary time wastage caused by picking wrong size furniture. How much you can afford to invest in the furniture is also to be calculated as it helps to pick the best desks in the range that your budget allows. Having figured out the two, you move to scanning office desks. While browsing the collection, you should shortlist the desks that have the appearance which is in sync with your aesthetical requirements. The look of the desks should reflect your business theme. You should also take care to pick those desks that are ergonomically designed so that adequate care of employees is taken and they do not face the risk of suffering work-generated diseases.

Modern office desks

The contemporary offices have special requirements. They are all about having the best combination of style and substance. In other words, ergonomic desks in nice form are what modern offices seek to bring to their premises and you would be delighted to know that Urban Hyve offers the best of both at prices that will make you go “wow.” Our vast collection of office desks gives you a sea of desk options to pick from and that too at attractive prices. So, if you are looking for fine desking solutions for your office then look no further. We have every type of office desk to meet every type of requirement at your office. So, just click and catch up with the desk that delivers the best dose of action to your office.

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