Coffee Tables for Offices

Drum Coffee Table Stainless


Drum Coffee Table This innovative range of office furniture pieces, known as DRUM, are designed to work well in collaborative, front of house and breakout spaces. DRUM tables are seam welded and hand finished to perfection in stainless steel. 400 or 600...

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Office Coffee Tables Add Variety and Elegance to the Room

Do you have space in your office that seems to be missing something in the furniture design? Adding a contemporary coffee table to the room might be the right answer to improve the appearance of the room and increase the function of the room at the same time.

You may be surprised how much a coffee table is used by employees and guests, making the coffee table an important part of the furniture planning that shouldn’t be forgotten. When you have a coffee table easily accessible, it can be used for books, pamphlets, magazines, or any other items that might be appropriately used in the room. These tables are also perfect for guests who need to set something down for just a moment while they are waiting, such as a purse or a computer bag.

Simple, Effective and Unique Coffee Tables

There is no reason to add a boring, dull coffee table to the room--especially when it doesn’t match the décor in the rest of the office. In fact, the coffee table can be the perfect solution to add an extra touch of style to the room and may help to complete the overall layout of the room.

It is important that you consider the size of the room before selecting a coffee table, because if the table is too large then it will crowd the room and limit the available floor space for foot traffic. There is a fine balance between adding functionality to the room, and limiting movement within the room because there isn’t enough space for all of the furniture. So, measure the size of the room and consider whether a coffee table would fit comfortably in the space that needs to be filled.

You can choose between a basic table such as a coffee break room table or a designer table that adds a unique style to the room. Some of our most popular tables include the designer round ‘Apollo’ table, as well as the Drum Low Stainless Steel coffee table. Some people prefer the glass top tables, because they add tabletop space without closing off the feel of the room too much.

Decorative and Multi-Functional at the Same Time

A coffee table is more than just a basic surface in the room, because it is the single piece of furniture that pulls the rest of the room together. Often the table is the focal point of the room; which is why you should carefully select a coffee table that will match the style and décor of your office space.

Contact us today and we will help you find the right coffee table to fit within the space that you have available!