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Cara Small Lounge Seating


Cara Small Lounge Seating Cara Small, as a cost and space effective revision of Cara, provides a lightness of design for space saving projects. Cara Small is stylish and sophisticated in its simple, refined design. Offering comfort in seating with...

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Aura Café Breakout Seating


Aura Café Breakout Seating The Aura range is completed with Aura Café. Restaurant and lounge areas can be designed in a parallel way and designers can keep their own unique space concept. Meal times are now more enjoyable as you can relax...

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Help Your Employees and Customers Feel Comfortable with Soft Seating Solutions

Make a lasting impression on your customers or potential clientele. Our soft seating range provides your visitors or employees with comfort that will ensure your company is remembered. The soft seating selection includes ottomanslounge seating with upholstered leather including 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater formationsThe soft seating range is suitable for office reception or waiting areas.

There is nothing worse than spending time in an office and being uncomfortable the whole time. Many office settings are designed with hard, functional chairs and these boring seats are selected because the office management was looking for a way to save money. But, you don’t have to use the cookie-cutter trend for office design, because we offer affordable and stylish soft seating solutions.

Inviting, Welcoming and Comfortable

One of the biggest advantages to using a soft seat design instead of the standard hard seats is that they are very comfortable, and they make each person feel happy and content to spend time in the office. Whether a person is waiting for a meeting, sitting down for a brainstorming session, or kicking back to work on a project, you need to ensure their comfort.

Uncomfortable chairs make a person fidgety, and they will start watching the clock to count down the time until they can leave. On the other hand, soft seating makes them want to stay a little longer, because they are enjoying their time in your office.

Unique Design and Style That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Basic, boring chairs are very forgettable, and they don’t leave a lasting impression on the people who visit your office. On the other hand, stylish furniture imprints a good impression on every person who walks into the room.

We offer a variety of soft seating options that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Take a look at our tub chairs which are small and comfortable. Or, a nice arm chair is a great way to create a compact space where people can stretch out a little bit without bumping their elbows on the people who are sitting next to them.

Leather is a great material to choose on a chair, because it is durable and chic at the same time. Instead of buying the standard plastic chairs, a room of leather seats will create a fresh, modern look in your office. Choose a color that will stand out in the room, and add a funky, unique design element that can’t be found in other office spaces.

Do you need help choosing the right soft seats for your office? Take the time to browse through our website and view all of the chairs and sofas that are available. Also, feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions that we can help with.

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