Breakout Area Chairs

Nova Fabric Visitor Chair


Nova Fabric Visitor Chair Designed to suit sophisticated gatherings and atmosphere, this 4 leg stackable visitor chair  allows linking and has a black frame and poly back. The front of the backrest and the seat are upholstered in fabric to maximize...

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Bloom Education / Library Stool


Bloom Education / Library Stool Part of the dynamic seating range, this lightweight, easy clean, versatile stool is like no other. With its rocking side to side base and comfortable seat, the Bloom stool is perfect for libraries, learning groups or any...

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Classy Breakout Area Chairs for Style in Your Office

The breakout area of your office needs to be designed in a way that inspires creativity and interaction, because this space is often used for team meetings and collaboration among coworkers. Is your breakout area inviting and comfortable, or do people come and go quickly because they want to get back to their own desk?

Clean, Classy, Stylish Breakout Chairs

Breakout chairs are usually designed to be small and functional, but at the same time they offer a touch of class to your office. These chairs are sturdy and functional, and many of the designs are stackable which makes it easy to move the chairs out of the way if you need an open space in the room. These chairs are the perfect solution for any type of breakout area, or they can be used in a break room or cafeteria as well.

Choose a swivel chair to make it easy for people to sit down and relax, and still have the movement to see around the room. Or, our unique quiet lounge is a great way to provide a quiet corner of privacy for employees who are working on a project and need a little bit of solitude.

Design Options to Match Your Décor

White chairs are a classic choice in many offices, because they create a modern style for the room. You might choose to add different design elements, such as wooden legs or chrome to make the chairs a little more stylish. Another option is to choose a colored chair or a two-tone design to add a pop of color in the room and brighten up the office.

When it comes time to choose chairs for a meeting area in the office, many people don’t think about design because they think that the only options are basic, boring chairs. But, there are many unique design elements that can be incorporated into these chairs, and you can choose between sled based designs, a café design, or stacking chairs.

These breakout area chairs are sturdy, affordable, and perfect for any gathering area in your office. Take some time to browse through this category to see all of the options that are available, and you can select the chair that best matches the needs of your office. Contact us anytime if you have questions about the products that are available on our website, we are always here to answer your questions!

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