Designer Chairs

Designer Chairs

When it comes to designer office furniture, you need to consider chairs and their importance within your four walls. Your designer office chairs can set off the entire look and impression that your office is giving to clients, and yet buying designer office chairs can be a daunting thing to do.

There are so many considerations when you purchase designer chairs, from the ergonomics to their intended use, you need to find the right designer office chairs for your company. It's so important to choose the right designer chairs that will impress those who visit and those who work with you.


Believe it or not, the style of your designer chairs does matter - not just to you, to those who plan to sit on them! Premium office chairs should be well thought out, and a big part of that means choosing from a vast range for visitors, such as those that you can find with Urban Hyve. Our range of designer office chairs come in many styles, let's take a look:

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

All designer chairs should be ergonomic in 2019, and with Urban Hyve you will find premium office chairs for the office, the boardroom and the training room that allow you to work with better productivity and for longer. Ergonomic chairs are sculpted to the body and offer more support to those using it.

What You Need It For

Choosing the right designer chairs will depend on what you plan to use it for, including how long they'll be used for. If you're furnishing an entire office, you need to consider how long they'll be sat on and their aesthetics as well as their ergonomics. You can choose to prioritise aesthetics with visitors chairs in your reception area, but you can't do that as much with the designer chairs behind the desks that are used daily. These require more ergonomic thinking over colour choice.

Material & Size

At Urban Hyve, we offer chairs in a range of materials and sizes. Fabric and leather are both popular options, with fabric being popular because of how breathable it is. The leather is popular given its low need for maintenance an only requiring a wipe clean. Real leather is truly designer, with that enduring finish that will never crack, peel or come away. At Urban Hyve, you can choose from a range of designer office chairs that can suit any office environment.

Seat size should also be a consideration, as boardroom and visitor seats are often broader and more comfortable than the desk chairs in the main office. You want the main office chairs to be wide enough for comfort while still fitting under the desk.

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