Height Adjustable Tables

Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand

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Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand Mobile Laptop Desk - Walnut This sleek, stylish laptop desk offers maximum flexibility to set up your workplace anywhere you want in an instant. Get comfortable by freely adjusting the tabletop to suit for different...

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Lift Laptop Riser


Lift Laptop Riser Lift Laptop riser with ultra slim and portable design allowing a sit-stand solution for any workspace. It’s designed for those who need the flexibility to change posture and position, with the ability to store it away when not in...

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Spin Office Desk Exercise Bike


Spin Office Desk Exercise Bike The Sylex Spindesk allows gentle cycle action which does not interfere with typing or other office activities. Simply rolls out of the way when you prefer to stand or sit in a traditional office chair.The perfect fitness...

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Height Adjustable Tables

The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Table in the Office

At Urban Hyve, we offer a wide selection of different office desk products to help you furnish your workplace or home office with high-end furniture. However, office furniture is far more than just a pretty decoration and it helps a lot with productivity, your mood and even your health. How exactly? Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons to switch to a height adjustable table in your office.

Health Benefits With a Height Adjustable Table

Using a height adjustable table is a modern way to work that offers a healthier alternative to a sitting desk. In fact, it’s been shown to improve back pain, it helps to burn calories and offers you a quick and convenient way to stretch your joints after working for long periods of time. A height adjustable table can improve health benefits and wellbeing without changing anything drastic in the office and it’s also surprisingly affordable. While it might sound like a huge difference to adapt to, most of the standing desk options we have can easily switch from standing to sitting in a matter of seconds with our electric motor standing desks so you’re never stuck with a single option.

Improved Ergonomics with a Height Adjustable Table

Another great advantage of using a standing table is that you can adjust it to your desired height. Whether you’re sitting or standing, a height adjustable table can ensure that your arms are always at the perfect height and angle for long typing sessions. An electric height adjustable table can quickly switch from standing to sitting mode in just a few seconds which offers more options to your employees. This makes a height adjustable table a brilliant piece of office furniture to improve the overall wellbeing of your employees. In addition, research has shown that standing desks can help employees lower their stress and fatigue levels.

Available in Various Colours and Sizes

If you’re concerned about the theme and design of your office or workplace then rest assured, there are plenty of standing tables available in many different colours and sizes. Even the electric height adjustable tables are available in various finishes, sizes and custom options to ensure that they’re the perfect fit for your office. With so many choices to pick from, you don’t need to sacrifice the look and feel of your office just for functionality. We have small standing office tables that are designed for laptops, larger ones for essential hard-working employees and even portable height adjustable tables that can be placed on existing tables.

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