Cafe Bench

Chunky Timber Round Bar Table - Light Oak


Chunky Timber Round Bar Table - Light Oak   Hand Made Crafted Contemporary Design 90 x 42mm Solid Legs Top Edge With 2mm Arras Top & Bottom Metal Support With Internal Timber Brace Polyurethane Finish  Width: 800mm Height: 1050mm ...

Contemporary Café Bench for Your Office Break Room

The break room is the main gathering area within the office, where employees go to kick up their feet and relax for a little while during the work day. It is important to make sure that the break room is comfortable and trendy, helping employees to feel more comfortable when they are taking a break. Employees will often spend their entire lunch break in this room, and sometimes employees will hang out in the break room before or after their shift.

Breaking the Mold: Stylish Café Benches for Employees

Instead of setting up boring break room tables, you can improve the appearance of the break room by using contemporary designs. There are a variety of table designs that you might use, but one trend that is growing in popularity is to have high café benches added in the break room.

Employees will love the fun atmosphere that is created with high tables and counters, creating a café style and feel to the room. Add a pop of color in the benches or décor, and it will turn the break room into one of the most eye catching and relaxed areas of the office.

Transform Your Break Room and Improve Employee Morale

Previously, the break room way hidden away in the back of the office building, keeping it out of sight from the public. The thinking was that employees wouldn’t stay away from their desk for long if the break room was uncomfortable and unpleasant.

But, times have changed, and companies are now recognizing that the break room can be an area of collaboration and creativity. Employees often sit down in the break room for lunch or a snack, and if they are comfortable they might turn the conversation to a work project or start brainstorming solutions for a problem they are facing.

With a café bench in the break room, it provides a creative space where employees can linger and hold informal meetings. This design style will increase employee productivity and team cohesiveness, because people will have a natural place to gather together during time away from their desks.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of having stylish café benches in your office? Contact us today, and we can help you place your order. We offer a variety of options, and the dimensions can be customized to the size and needs of your company.

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