Office Storage Solutions

Mod Desk Shelf - White


Mod Desk Shelf - White Features Desk Shelf Arrow Deskmount shelf - Studio White Axle Screenmount shelf - Studio White 25mm thick x 243mm high x 600mm wide x 300mm deep 4 x chromed bookend hoops Arctic White powdercoat to...

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Mod Blaze Office Bookcase


Mod Blaze Office Bookcase Features Blaze Office Bookcase Blaze fast assembly bookshelf with 18mm melamine panels and 25mm top with matching PVC edges 5mm back Height adjustable shelves included Choose from Studio White or New Oak/Charcoal combo...

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Quick Vibe - Open Bookcases


Quick Vibe - Open Bookcases  Open Bookcase - Includes 3 x 25mm T Adjustable Shelves  Available in Warm White, Beech, Light Grey 900mm W x 315mm D x 1200mm H E1 Rated Melamine Board - Black P/C Bow Handles 25mm T Horizontal Pieces + 18mm...

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Tambour Planter Box


Tambour Planter Box   FEATURES: - Planter box for Tambour Door Cabinet Storage - Studio White melamine - Comes with optional Insert tray for real plants - Plants not included.   WARRANTY: - 5 years.   **This product is shipped flat-packed...

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Overhead Hutch


Overhead Hutch Includes 6 Adjustable Shelves  Divided Over 2 Verticle Sections  1200mm W x 315mm D x 1070mm H E1 Rated Melamine Board Features Adjustable Shelves 25mm Shelves E1 Enviroboard

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Life Go Filling Cabinets


Life Go Filling Cabinets Life Heavy Duty 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Assembled 705mm H x 460mm W x 620mm D Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Runners - Anti Tilt Locking - Master Key Series - AFRDI Features Riveted Construction for Extra...

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Office Storage to Solve Your Clutter Problems

There is nothing worse than walking into your office to feel the stress of seeing piles of unorganized papers and equipment. A messy office can negatively impact productivity and morale, and it is important to clear the clutter and organize your space if you want to create the right environment in your office.

Whether you are organizing papers, books, equipment, or any other type of office supplies, the right cupboards and shelves will make a big difference. Choose trusted brands that will provide functionality and durability at the same time, and your office storage solutions will last for many years.

Hide the Clutter behind Closed Doors

If you don’t want the appearance of an office that is filled with a lot of stuff, then you need to choose a storage solution that allows you to close the doors and hide the shelves. Cupboards and tambours can be set anywhere in the room, and the doors can be closed to cover up the items inside.

Or, privacy can be achieved with lockers that allow people to store their personal items inside, and then a padlock can be placed outside the door for security purposes.

Office Storage Solutions Catered to Your Needs

Are you always buried in a pile of paperwork? Filing cabinets allow you to create a filing system, making it simple to find the papers that you need within a moment’s notice. Choose basic filing cabinets, or decorative styles that add a nice design element to your space.

Some storage tools are mobile and easy to move to any location because they are on wheels. Choose mobile pedetals and caddies if you need to move your supplies from one place to the next. Or, consider a rotafile to maximize the use of a small space.

Display Books and Décor for All to See

A bookshelf allows you to place things on display, so that you can quickly grab a reference book or put up a small picture frame for decoration.

Bookshelves are multi-functional, because they can be used to store almost any type of item. You can place stand-alone items on the shelves, such as books and files. Or, add filing boxes or decorative expandable boxes to hold smaller items and keep them out of view.

If you are ready to transform your office into a functional and stylish space, then we invite you to look through the office storage solutions that we offer. Here at JP Office, our goal is to provide you with high quality office products to match your needs.