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Mod Mobile Pedestal Our Mod mobile pedestals in studio white melamine. 640mm high x 470mm wide x 500mm deep. 18mm construction, heavy duty drawer runners. 5th wheel on file drawer for stability, gang locking.

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Modern Design and Functional Use Mobile Pedestals & Caddies

These mobile pedestals & caddies are great for optimising available floor space in the office. These mobile caddies are the modern, sleek solution to storage issues. The under desk storage pedestals selection includes 2 drawer and filing system4 drawer systemtambour cabinets as well as mobile pedestal bookcase solutions. These mobile caddies are the answer to protect written records against dust and unauthorised people accessing your important business information as well as being a great storage solution. 

There are many types of storage solutions that can be used in your home, but there is a drawback to most of the cupboards and shelves: it is difficult to move items around the office. If you have the need to store office supplies and paperwork, but you want to have easy access to move those items throughout the office, then a mobile caddy storage space might be the right solution.

These caddies and pedestals are built on wheels, so they can be slid across the floor to a different part of the room. There is no reason to hurt your back to pick up a heavy set of cupboards or drawers, because these caddies are designed specifically to be mobile.

Don’t Give Up Style for Mobility

One of the first things that is lost with mobile storage solutions is style and design, because people assume that they can’t have a modern piece of furniture and still access the functionality that is needed. We have created the perfect tools to allow you to easily move the furniture from one place to the next, and all of these caddies and pedestals are built with a modern, sleek design.

The white color brightens up the room, and it blends nicely with many other office décor styles. Additionally, you can store décor pieces on the shelves or on top of the pedestal, to add a touch of personality and liven up the room.

The Perfect Layout for the Perfect Office

One of the main advantages that you will find to these mobile caddies and pedestals is that we offer a variety of designs, so that you can choose the size and features that will work best in your office. For example, some of the caddies have drawer inserts to easily store all of the items that you need to keep inside. You can also choose caddies with adjustable shelves, so they can be catered to the size of books or paperwork that will be stored in the space.

When it comes time to leave the office, you can lock the drawers and doors and have the peace of mind to know that your materials and supplies are staying protected while you are away. It is very beneficial to incorporate these security features, in order to reduce the risk of theft or breached information.

Contact us today, and we will help you find the perfect storage solution for your office. All of our furniture products are high quality, durable, and they are built to be chic and fashionable.

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