Collaborative Seating

Aura Café Breakout Seating


Aura Café Breakout Seating The Aura range is completed with Aura Café. Restaurant and lounge areas can be designed in a parallel way and designers can keep their own unique space concept. Meal times are now more enjoyable as you can relax...

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Mona High Acoustic Seating


Mona High Acoustic Seating If you need privacy with comfort and elegance, Mona High is just for you. It has a modern design with classical look thanks to the quilting technology. High back and sides creating a secluded sphere where you can sit on your...

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Versis Lounge Seating


Versis Lounge Seating The Versis range exudes authority and self-assurance with its unique design and contours. Sturdy frames and overall structure offers great support for any office area. London Fabrics Colours

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Cara Highline Acoustic Seating


Cara Highline Acoustic Seating The Cara Highline is stylish and sophisticated in its simple, refined design. The Cara Highline exudes elegance with its high back slender look. It offers comfort in seating with generous space and support. All soft...

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Ress Lounge Seating


Ress Lounge Seating The Ress range with its angled design and geometric appeal, it makes for great seating adding absolute style and transformation. It has a tidy presence and is available in single or double seaters. London Fabrics Colours

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Aura Lounge Seating


Aura Lounge Seating With or without arms and with size alternatives, the sofa offers double color upholstery choices improving the product's character. Aura's comfortable feeling can give users a relaxing waiting time. Aura offers comfort elegance and...

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Cara Lounge Seating


Cara Lounge Seating The Cara is stylish and sophisticated in its simple, refined design. It offers comfort in seating with generous space and support. All soft seating is made with solid framing to ensure additional support and strength, increasing...

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Cara Small Lounge Seating


Cara Small Lounge Seating Cara Small, as a cost and space effective revision of Cara, provides a lightness of design for space saving projects. Cara Small is stylish and sophisticated in its simple, refined design. Offering comfort in seating with...

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At Urban Hyve, we can help you modernise your office with some fantastic collaborative seating. With a wide range of products, there’s bound to be something that meets your desires and helps upgrade your work environment. It’s the perfect way to bring your office into the modern era and enjoy all the benefits collaborative seating brings.

Improve Productivity In Your Office

Modern collaborative offices are easily distinguished from others by their seating arrangements. With collaborative seating, you encourage people to sit in groups and work together. This forces them to bounce ideas off one another and really work as a team. It’s the best way to improve teamwork and boost office productivity. Sit specific groups together, so they no longer have to wander around the office to talk to one another, saving a lot of time every day. It’s a simple solution to a serious problem, and we have so many different types of collaboration office furniture for sale.

Modernise Your Office

Every office needs to think about how it looks to other people. When clients or other people visit your premises, they need to be blown away by how it looks. With some gorgeous booth seating and modular designs, you will modernise your workspace. It instantly looks better, meaning you can give your reputation a serious upgrade! This can potentially have more benefits as a good looking office makes your company look more respectable and professional. So, when you’ve got people in for meetings to try and close deals, it may influence their decision when they see how clean and modern your office is!

Make The Most Of Your Office Space

Another benefit of our collaborative seating is that it helps you get the most out of all your space. The modular designs are created to fit perfectly into any office setting, meaning they don’t take up too much room. This means your office doesn’t feel too closed-off and cramped, allowing your team to feel more comfortable and work even harder together!

Why Buy From Urban Hyve?

What makes our service so different from any others out there? Well, when you purchase collaborative seating from us, you get the benefit of free delivery. Regardless of where you’re based in Australia, we deliver our products for free - with no minimum purchase required! Not only that, but all of our collaborative seating options come with the full manufacturer's warranty as well. This varies depending on the manufacturer, but you can see the individual warranties on each product. We’ve also got an incredible range of products for you to choose from, with our seating available in so many different colours and sizes - it’s all down to you to select the ones you want!


As if this wasn’t enough, we offer a free design consultation for all our customers as well. Let our design team discuss your options and help you pick some collaborative seating that will match your office perfectly.

Order Your Collaborative Seating Today

What are you waiting for? Order some incredible collaborative seating from Urban Hyve today. Check out the offerings on our site, make the most of our free design consultation, then place your order. We’ll ship the products out to you as soon as possible, and our team can even install them in your office as well!


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