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AIRO Desk Screens


AIRO Desk Screens Features   Desk screen for the Airo hight adjustable desk Clamps firmly to the desktop Pinnable black screen on a white frame Due to freight costs, some orders may incur a delivery charge and this will vary...

Desk Mounted Eco Panel Screen


Desk Mounted Eco Panel Screen Add a privacy screen in an elegant way with the frameless Eco panel. Fixed using additional clamps to add privacy and sound absorption. Polyester fibre panel, pinnable and available in 3 different sizes. Backed by a 3 year...

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Eco Panel Slide On Screen


Eco Panel Slide On Screen The Eco Panel allows privacy and noise reduction between users sitting side by side. The screen simply slides onto the worktop and is compatible with all Rapidline desk and workstation ranges. The black polyester surface is...

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Hushy 495mm High Desk Screen


Hushy 495mm High Desk Screen The 495mm height Hushy Screen can be used as desk mounted screens on most workstations. Comes in 4 sizes and has a full fabric pinnable surface with 2 stocked colour variations available. Or can be upholstered in our House...

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Moderni Modesty Screen


Moderni Modesty Screen AcoustiQ Modesty Screen and kit for Moderni Flip Desk to suit rails sizes 1100-1400. Modesty is 350mm high, and available in 26 colours. Kit includes modesty and mounting brackets. Available Colour Option

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Seachange Curved Screen


Seachange Curved Screens - Temporary Walls - Room Dividers Our 100% PET screens are made of fully recycled PET, turned into a spun microfilament and then pressed and moulded into elegant functional floor mounted screens.Seachange screens come in modules...

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Office Partition Screens

Office partition screens have a full range of uses in the modern work environment. They can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making them a must-have for any business. At Urban Hyve, we stock a wide variety of privacy screens for offices, coming in all shapes and sizes, with so many different functions. If you want to upgrade your office workspace with something incredibly simple and helpful, then purchase one of our office partition screens today.

Maintain Privacy In Your Workplace

Our partition screens are excellent for maintaining privacy in your workplace. We stock desk based partitions that help provide your employees with some additional privacy while they work. They can still share a desk with other people, but everyone gets their own little space sectioned off. This is proven to help improve productivity as people can keep their own desk space neat & tidy, without being distracted by their nearby coworkers.

Along with this, you can also use a free standing partition to section off areas in your office - or even add more privacy to a specific room. These privacy screens stand tall so no one can see over them, and you can place multiple screens together to cover the length or width of a room if you choose.

Noise Reduction

As well as providing you with extra privacy, our office partition screens can be used to reduce the noise in your workplace as well. We sell acoustic partition screens that help block out noise, making them ideal in so many different scenarios. If you want to separate two areas of your office, you can use these screens to ensure that hardly any noise makes it between the two areas. As a result, everyone on their designated sides can work hard without additional distractions.

We also sell privacy screens for offices that can fit around a small seat or booth to create a quieter environment for the people sitting down. This is very popular in waiting areas to keep clients comfortable, or around break room chairs to give your employees a chance to relax away from the office noise.

Create Temporary Meeting Areas

The beauty of our free standing screens is that they can be used as temporary room dividers - or to create your own temporary meeting space. A lot of companies aren’t blessed with enough room for an actual meeting room, so you can wheel around our office partition screens to section off a small area for meetings.

This is incredibly beneficial as it means you can create a private area to conduct meetings, while also enjoying the noise reduction benefits of our screens as well. Plus, as we just mentioned, our freestanding partition screens can easily be moved around as they’re on wheels. So, when the meeting is over, you can move them away to create more room in your office once more!

A Variety Of Features

With our privacy screens for offices, you can choose from products that have a variety of different features. Some are created to block out acoustics and reduce noise, others are built to offer more privacy while remaining aesthetically pleasing. But, some have unique features that make them even more practical!

You can use a whiteboard pinboard room divider to section off your office while adding extra practical elements at the same time. With this specific office partition screen, it doubles up as a whiteboard to jot things down on, and a pinboard to stick up essential notices. So, instead of needing to buy three different things that take up three times the amount of space, you get them all bundled into one.

Incredibly Customisable

Here at Urban Hyve, we believe in customisation. We know that two offices may need partition screens, but they may require completely different styles or sizes. As such, we let you select your own options when ordering from us. Our screens are available in so many different colours and materials, and you can select which ones appeal to you the most.

Furthermore, you can choose the size as well, ensuring that you purchase something that’s designed to fit your office. This is all done online when you choose your products, so take your time and pick the perfect partition screen for your needs.

Manufacturer Warranties & Free Shipping Throughout Australia

All of our products come with manufacturer-specific warranties. They vary depending on the product, with some being as long as ten years or more. This gives you full confidence that you’re getting excellent value from your purchase as you’re protected by the warranty for the specific length of time. You can see each individual warranty when viewing the products on our website.

To go alongside this, we’re proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders, with no minimum purchase required. We deliver our products throughout Australia, catering to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, and anywhere else. Not only that, but we can also provide an installation service for you as well.

Why Buy From Urban Hyve?

Office partition screens will bring your office a range of exceptional benefits. They help you organise your workspace, create more privacy, reduce noise, and offer some practical benefits as well. You can buy these screens from plenty of companies, but Urban Hyve is undoubtedly the best place to go.

Why? Well, we offer a complete service that comes with free shipping and installation all over Australia. No matter where you’re based, we’ll deliver high-quality privacy screens to your office. Plus, we have such an extensive range of products that can be used in so many different ways. From desk partitions to free standing ones with built-in whiteboards; there’s everything you could possibly want, and more!

Order Your Office Partition Screens Today

If you want to improve your office with some incredible partition screens, then place an order with us today. Take a look at our full range of offerings on our site, select the size, colour, and materials you want, then add everything to your cart. We’ll ship your order as quickly as possible, and our team will even install the screens if you wish.

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