AFRDI Approved Chairs

H80 Adaptability Task Chair


H80 Adaptability Task Chair H80 is a fully adjustable task chair designed with greater ergonomic principles and adjustability. Its unique mechanism design allows users to easily adjust the seat and back angle as well as seat and back height, while the...

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Commercial Task Chair


Commercial Task Chair  Task chair designed for commercial use. Comes with standard size back and injection moulded seat, and has independent seat and back tilt. Upholstered in fabric, AFRDI approved and backed by a 3 year warranty.

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G80 Adaptability Chair


G80 Adaptability Chair G80 is a fully adjustable task chair designed with greater ergonomics in mind. Users can independently adjust the seat and back angle as well as seat and back height. The moulded foam seat pad encourages correct sitting posture...

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Jianlin Black Mesh Drafting Chair


Jianlin Black Mesh Drafting Chair The robust and stylish elevated Jianlin WHITE Designer Office Mesh Back Drafting Office Chair is designed for users who are unable to place their feet flat on the ground. It features an easy-height adjustment foot ring...

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B1 Task Chair


B1 Task Chair The B1 Task Chair with its mesh back and absolute comfort, is a unique chair with its automatic reaction to your movements. Ergonomic features enable you to truly customise your level of comfort.

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AFRDI Approved: Ergonomic, Comfortable and Modern Office Chairs

These office chairs are AFRDI Approved to Level 6An AFRDI Level 6 certified office chair will meet most commercial needs. Level 6 chairs are described as suitable for "extremely heavy conditions" in the standard.

It is important that you provide your employees with comfortable and safe office chairs, because these chairs are used all throughout the day. Decrease the risk of injury in the workplace by using AFRDI approved chairs, which have been tested according to the Australian New Zealand standard. In fact, these standards are even tougher than the European standards in some ways. They are compatible with AS/NZ 4438, making them a great choice for your office space.

Happy Employees = Higher Productivity

As an employer, you have the responsibility to protect the health of your employees. It is common for people to develop chronic pain if they are sitting in low-quality chairs all day, so you need to make sure that you are providing AFRDI approved chairs to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. These chairs decrease the risk that you might need to pay for workplace injuries.

These chairs are built to be durable and supportive, and they can be adjusted to match any body type. 90% of the population can be comfortably seated in AFRDI approved chairs and they will stay comfortable throughout the day.

In order for chairs to be AFRDI approved, they must have features that make them adjustable. You can change the arm height, lumbar support, seat tilt, and seat height so that each chair can be catered to the preferences of each employee.

Durability and Quality You Can Trust

Cheap office chairs can quickly wear out with regular use, especially since they are often used for long hours every day. These approved chairs are measured with a testing procedure that tests for “normal abuse” and the way the springs and seat foams hold up from continuous pressure and weight of a person.

They are tested for dropping, sitting on the arm of the chair, and standing on the seat of the chair. All of our AFRDI approved chairs are rated at a level 6, which means that they were tested for 200,000 sits per day from a person who weights 120kg. The chairs are very durable, and will stay strong with continued use.

Choosing AFRDI approved chairs doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice design and style, because we provide a variety of AFRDI chairs that are colorful and bright for your office space. Contact us to learn more about the safety of these chairs, and we can help you choose the perfect design for your office.



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