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Nova Fabric Visitor Chair


Nova Fabric Visitor Chair Designed to suit sophisticated gatherings and atmosphere, this 4 leg stackable visitor chair  allows linking and has a black frame and poly back. The front of the backrest and the seat are upholstered in fabric to maximize...

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Industrial Style Seating

Has your office been designed in a rustic, industrial style? If your workplace’s decor has been designed to have a chic, industrial vibe, then the chances are that you want to ensure that any furniture that your purchase is in keeping with the design and style of the space. Of course, in addition to choosing furniture that perfectly fits the design and style of your workplace, you need to consider function and quality.

When it comes to designing the ideal workspace for you and your team members, naturally you want to ensure that you create a space that is smart, functional, and easy to work in, which is where choosing the right furniture comes in. For instance, when selecting seating for your workplace, if it has been designed in an industrial style, then you will want to incorporate industrial style furniture, such as seating.

At JP Office Workstations, we are proud to offer a wide range of industrial style seating, designed to fit every space. Whatever your rustic seating chair needs, we have a chair design that will be the ideal fit. When it comes to industrial style seating, we offer chairs of all shapes and sizes, from metal and wooden designs to padded ones. We understand your need for high-quality chairs, which is why we only offer chairs that we know are designed to be used in a commercial environment and are made to stand the test of time.

One of the best things about our range of industrial style seating is the fact that there is such a wide variety of options available. This means that weather you want seating for your cafe or restaurant, stools for your bar, or seating for your workplace, we are sure to have an option that is suitable.

From beautifully crafted wooden industrial-style chairs to metal designs that look like they’ve come straight out of an old factory to leather bound stools that are chic and stylish, we have a wide range of industrial style seating available, allowing us to cater perfectly to your seating needs.

At JP Office Workstations, we offer a wide range of industrial chair designs, including a selection of rustic and industrial-chairs. We understand that when your Office, Bar or Restaurant has been designed with a certain theme and style in mind, you want to ensure that you can keep that same style in place when it comes to your furniture choices.

To ensure that you are able to find the right seating option to meet your needs, we offer a range of rustic furniture. We understand that you may want industrial-style chairs that can be teamed with office desks / workstations or tables, which is why we offer a wide range of industrial style tables and chairs that can be teamed perfectly together.

Whether your Office, Bar or Restaurant has an industrial style and theme to it, or you simply prefer this style, we like to ensure that you have a range of suitable options available to you. Whatever your industrial stand chair needs, at JP Office Workstations, we believe in offering a wide range of suitable options. That’s why we always endeavour to work closely with our designers, to ensure that the designs we are offering are suitable for a wide range of our customers and their specific need.

Our range of industrial seating work seamlessly with any industrial or rustic setting. Additionally they make perfect companions for cafe's, breakout areas, cafeterias and general outdoor areas. Choose from our expanding range of industrial seating here to complete that industrial look.