2 Person Desks

2 Person Desks

Types Of 2-Person Desks

2-person desks are a great addition to your office. With a two-person desk, you can get employees working side by side, making use of the available space and fostering collaboration.

Back To Back

Back to back desks are desks positioned next to each other so that, when seated, workers face each other. Back to back desks are ideal for teamwork and collaboration, as well as maximising desk real estate if you have limited space.

Side By Side

Side-by-side desks enable you to create a long chain of desks, perhaps along a wall. Side-by-side desks give team members privacy while at the same time fostering easy communication.

Corner 2 Person Desks

2-Person corner desks are ideal for those situations where you have an unused corner and need to fill it somehow. A 2-person corner desk places two employees next to each other, making it easy to communicate.  

Height Adjustable 2-Person Desks

Give your employees control over the height of their desk for added comfort and productivity.

Sit-Stand Desks For 2 People

Sit-stand desks for two people help to reduce the amount of time that your employees are sedentary. Both employees can adjust the height of the desk and carry out their work, either sitting down or standing up.

With excellent cable management, transitioning from one position to another is easy.

Additional Accessories

Not only do we offer a range of 2-person desks, but a whole host of accessories too.

Modesty Panel

With us, you can get a range of functional and stylish modesty panels to go with our selection of 2-person desks, providing screening and coverage under the table.

Under-Desk Cable Management

Managing all the wires in your office can be tricky. But with our under-desk cable management solutions, it’s much easier. Our under-desk cable management helps to route cables away from workers and prevent trips and falls, making your place of work much safer.

Desk-Based Privacy Screens

2-person desks are great for communication and teamwork (especially when you have two workers who need to work closely alongside one another, but they can compromise individual employee privacy.

Our desk-based privacy screens can be set up between desks, giving each employee personal space in which to carry out their work.

Multiple Top Colours And Sizes

Here at Urban Hyve, we know that you want products that complement your existing office fit out and space constraints.

That’s why we offer you the option of customising your desk with multiple top colours and sizes, as per your requirements. Get in touch with us to find out more.


All of our 2-person desks come with an impressive warranty. With our warranty, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with your desk and that you’ll get a long life from it.

Australia-Wide Delivery and Install

No matter where you are based in Australia, we can deliver and install a desk for 2 at your location. We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and many more locations.

Our 2 pod desks are the perfect solution for a wide range of business settings so get in touch with us today to find out more.

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