Computer Chairs

Computer Chairs

When you are shopping for computer chairs for your office, you have a lot to consider. It can be daunting to choose between the colours and styles on the market, and as there is a lot to consider, you should think about Urban Hyve for your chair purchase. Not only are you going to get the right information for the best computer desk chairs for your office, but you're also going to know by the end how to order!

Your Usage

The computer desk chairs that you invest in have to suit your use. You wouldn't buy a bunch of full-sized leather computer chairs for an office full of standing desks, right? The key to choosing the right chair is in usage. Occasional use chairs may lead you to pick computer chairs that are comfortable and functional but can be stacked or hidden away when no one is using them. It's these chairs that allow you to choose aesthetics over anything else, as they can look good while they're out, but they don't need to be too ergonomically inclined.

Chairs that are used heavily require durability to reduce the risk of too much wear and tear. Ergonomics is essential for long-term use, and at Urban Hyve, you'll find the computer chairs to match your desks.

Function & Comfort

One thing to think about with your computer chairs is comfort. Arm and backrests really do matter. When you're sitting down for a long period, it's important to be supported, and this is where ergonomics steps in. At Urban Hyve, we carry a range of computer chairs that are ergonomically sculpted to the natural curve of the spine, with armrests that sit at the right height to take the strain while you type. Armrests can be either padded or not, and this is down to personal preference.

Always measure the desk before you order with us, just so that you can be sure that your chairs will fit beneath the desk. Choosing adjustable chairs for comfort is also important, so shop around with us and see what we can offer you.

Movement Counts

Most computer chairs are on wheels for easy mobility, and as you move around the office from desk to copier to filing cabinet, you'll be thankful with how easy you can move. Urban Hyve offers a range of computer chairs in padded fabric, mesh back, with wheeled bases and without. Our range will impress you, whether you have vinyl floors to zoom across or carpets, where you may prefer immobile chairs that won't rip the material. Either way, calling our experts now could help!

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At Urban Hyve, we offer fast, free shipping across Australia. This means that you can get your computer chairs ordered for your office right now. If you have any questions relating to the computer desk chairs we have at Urban Hyve, please don't hesitate to contact us. Get a quote within 24 hours by sending an email to - now!

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