3 Person Desks

3 Person Desks

Types Of 3-Person Desks

Here at Urban Hyve, we offer a vast selection of 3-person desks for practically any situation. Check out what we offer here.

120-Degree Desk Cluster

Our impressive 120-degree desk clusters make it easy for you to use all available space and create a working setup that fosters collaboration and discussion.

120-degree office desks for 3 people are ideal for welcoming new people to the office or in conference/interview setups.

Side-by-Side 3-Person Desks

Side-by-side 3-person desks make it easy to use all the space you may have available along a wall.

You can also use 3-person desks in the middle of your office to densely pack employees.

Height Adjustable 3-Person Desks

Height adjustable 3-person desks give your employees the ability to work at a comfortable height.

With our 3-person desks, each person is able to control the height of their desk, boosting productivity and comfort.

Sit-Stand Desks For 3 People

Keeping workers active is essential for their long-term health and happiness.

With our 3-people sit-stand desks, all three workers can work either sitting or standing, helping to improve their circulation and productivity.

Each section of the desk has the ability to be raised or lowered. This encourages employees to both stand and sit during the course of the day, improving health and wellbeing.

Additional Accessories

All of our 3-person desks come with additional accessories allowing you to customise them in practically any way you like and improve safety.

Modesty Panel

Our 3-person desks can be fitted out with a modesty panel. The modesty panel fits under the table, giving employees additional privacy and comfort. 

Under Desk Cable Management

Messy cables can be a problem, especially underneath a desk for 3. All our 3-person office desks come with cable management solutions.

With effective cable management, you can deliver all of the services that your employees need, without creating a potentially dangerous trip hazard.

Desk-Based Privacy Screens

When you have three people working at a single desk, you have increased privacy needs.

Our desk-based privacy screens can be easily and quickly fixed to our 3-person office desks, giving each person in your office a private space for carrying out their work.

Multiple Top Colours And Top Sizes

With Urban Hyve, you get a choice of top colours and sizes for your 3-person desks. Just get in touch with us and tell us what you want.

Match your office theme and choose desks which maximise your available space.


With our impressive warranty on all 3 person tables, you can buy with confidence.

With us, you’ll get high-quality 3-person tables that can withstand daily abuse in the office. Our products are made to last.

Australia-Wide Delivery And Installation

No matter where you’re located in Australia, whether that’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin or Canberra, we can deliver to your location.

On top of that, we can also install all 3-person desks, providing you with the comprehensive desk solution you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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