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Fortress Stool with Storage


Fortress Stool with Storage Features The Sit and Store stools can be used as a storage box and as a stool. They are comfortable, easy to clean, light weight and can be stacked neatly when not in use. Well suited to kindergartens and early...

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Chair Mats


Chair Mats Small Commercial Chair Mat For Carpet Surface - Dimpled 1200mm x 915mm - 75% PVC , 20% DDTP , 2% ABS , 2% Stabilizer , 1 % Colour Pigment - Approved For Fire Retardancy Features Dimpled Chair Mat for use on Carpet Smooth Chair Mat...

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Nova Fabric Visitor Chair


Nova Fabric Visitor Chair Designed to suit sophisticated gatherings and atmosphere, this 4 leg stackable visitor chair  allows linking and has a black frame and poly back. The front of the backrest and the seat are upholstered in fabric to maximize...

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Vinyl Chair Mat


  Features   Looking for a smart, minimalist way to protect your carpets from the impact of rolling wheels? You’ve come to the right page. Save your carpets from wear and tear Office chair mats can ensure your carpets and...

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Office Chairs for Comfort and Style

The seating in your office is more than just a functional place to sit, because the chairs can set the style and design tone of the workspace. Whether you are choosing chairs for your desk, boardroom, reception area, or break room, you need to make sure the chairs are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Choosing the Best Executive Chair for Your Desk

The most important chair in the office is the one behind your desk, because you will be spending a lot of time sitting in that chair. The right executive chair can set the tone for everyone who walks into your office, making a statement of authority and knowledge.

Sometimes, people prefer task chairs instead of an executive chair, because they are moving around quite a bit and they need the space without having armrests in the way. Make sure that you select a chair on wheels, so that you can quickly slide to the other end of your desk if needed.

Make Your Employees Comfortable in Boardrooms and Break Rooms

Group meetings and conferences are usually held in the boardroom, and you don’t want the attendees to be fidgeting in their chairs because of discomfort. Boardroom chairs should be comfortable, and basic so that you can fit enough chairs around the boardroom table.

Choosing a Desk that is Stylish and Improves Productivity

Why limit your workspace with a basic desk, when you can spread out with a l-shaped corner desk instead? A corner desk allows you to maximize the space in your office, which in turn boosts productivity because you have more desktop area to work on.

On the other hand, some office spaces are better suited with a basic straight office desk, and you can choose the perfect desk size to match the shape and measurements of the room. Or, you might choose an executive desk for a large office, which makes a statement in the room and sets the right tone for your flow of work throughout the day.

Premium Brands and Functional Design for a Variety of Spaces

These desks aren’t limited to home offices, because they can also be used in commons areas and conference spaces. For example, if you have a waiting area in the building, then you might add a reception desk as a warm welcome and greeting to each person who walks through the door. Various desks can also be used in open offices, allowing each person to have their own work area even if they don’t have a private room.

When you shop at JP Office, you will find high quality products that are guaranteed to set the right tone in your office. Enjoy a variety of brands, designs and styles, to improve the appearance of your office and make you more comfortable throughout the day.