Glass Whiteboards

Trendy Presentation Tools: Glassboards instead of Whiteboards

Do you need to add a collaboration and brainstorming space in the office, but don’t want to install a basic whiteboard? Glassboards are growing in popularity, because they offer many benefits that can be handy in an office environment. If you are trying to decide between a whiteboard and a glassboard, there are several things to keep in mind:

Glass Boards Offer a Contemporary Design Style

Both whiteboards and glassboards can be installed with a contemporary design style, but the glass adds an extra touch of class that can’t be achieved with a basic whiteboard. Some contemporary designs utilize glass throughout the office, and these glassboards are the perfect way to pull in the theme showing detail to the style within the room.

You can choose a variety of colors, allowing the glassboard to be a decorative and functional piece on the wall. For example, it looks great to have a black magnetic glass board to match a black and white theme in the office. Or, you might choose a brighter color such as blue, red or pink if you want to add brightness or splash to the room.

These glass boards can be used in the same way as a whiteboard, and you can use dry erase markers to brainstorm or write presentation notes on the board. Additionally, our glass boards are magnetic, making it simple to hang up pictures, posters, papers, or anything else that is relevant to the meeting or presentation.

Mobile Glass Boards for Every Room in the Office

Do you have a need to have glassboards in your office, but you don’t want to have one installed in every room of the building? Mobile glass boards are the perfect way to add the functionality of the board without having it installed on the wall. These boards are built into a frame that can be rolled from one room to the next, allowing you to move it to any space within the building.

When the board is mobile, it can be used in a morning meeting with a client and then wiped clean and rolled into the break room in the afternoon for employee morale activities that are going on. These boards are great to use during team meetings, as well as formal or informal presentations, to emphasize certain points and make sure that everyone in the room understands the concepts that are being discussed.

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