Electronic / Interactive Whiteboards

Electronic Whiteboards are Trendy, Functional and Impressive

There are many advantages to having a whiteboard in the office because they create a space that can be used for presentations, collaboration, and brainstorm sessions. If you want to help employees expand on their own creativity you should make sure they are provided with the right tools. One of the best ways to create a good impression with your employees and clients is by using an electronic whiteboard. An electronic whiteboard offers the same benefits as a regular whiteboard—but enhances and improves the function of the board even more.

Modern Offices in the Digital Age

If you want to convey that your company is up-to-date with the latest technologies, consider installing digital whiteboards in your meeting space. Also known as interactive whiteboards, these are commonly used in an office environment or an education space in order to link a computer which displays the picture through a projector into a touch-sensitive screen.

The presenter is able to interact and control the device by touching the screen. These features make electronic whiteboards the perfect solution for presentations and education, because the screen is changing according to the preferences of the presenter.

High Tech Presentations to Impress Your Clients

When you are presenting information to a client or sharing details about the products or services that are available, they will likely be fascinated with the digital whiteboard in your office. You can create the right image for your company by showing the clients that your office is current with technology. Digital whiteboards offer many advantages, including projection of images from the computer to the screen, enhanced interactivity during a presentation, clear graphics, adding videos and pictures into a presentation, and the ability to manipulate the computer while standing in front of the presentation board.

It can be very advantageous to incorporate pictures and videos into presentations, particularly since many people learn better with visual examples. If a person is a visual learner, they might not pick up much of the information that is shared verbally in the presentation. But, they may be able to better understand the concepts through the information that is conveyed via an electronic whiteboard.

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