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Blaze 4 Person Double Sided Desk


Blaze 4 Person Double Sided Desk Blaze 4 person double sided desk can be used to complement any collaborative workspace, with a simple, understated design that seamlessly integrates with other furniture ranges. Slab ends on double sided desk settings...

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4 Person Desks

Types Of 4-Person Desks

Here at Urban Hyve, we stock an impressive range of 4-person desks.

4-person desks are ideal for when you want to make use of all available space and foster collaboration.


Back-to-back desks for 4 are where desks are arranged so that workers are facing each other.

Back-to-back 4-person desks are ideal for office setups where you want to foster collaboration and teamwork.


Side-by-side 4-person desks are those that arrange four people next to each other in a row.

4-person side-by-side desks are ideal for when you want to take up space along a wall or when you want to arrange workers in rows.

4-person side-by-side desks are popular in offices that need to improve worker density.

Corner 4-Person Desks

Corner 4-person desks are the ideal solution for when you need to make use of all available space.

Corners can be tricky: they often make it hard to make good use of space.

With our corner desks for 4, you can use all of the space available while enhancing productivity.

Height-Adjustable 4-Person Desks

Give your employees the ability to customise their working environment with our height-adjustable 4-person office desks.

With height-adjustable 4-person desks, you can make hot-desking a reality in your organisation.

Sit-Stand Desks For 4 People

Get sit-stand desks for 4 people, and give your workers the ability to avoid sitting all day.

Our sit-stand 4-pod desks can be individually raised and lowered to a worker’s preferences.

Choose our sit-stand desks today and help make your workers more active.

Additional Accessories

Our 4-person desks come with additional accessories designed to enhance productivity and style.

Modesty Panel

With a modesty panel, you can protect your employee’s privacy while enabling them to work in close quarters with one another.

Our modesty panels can be fitted underneath 4-person desks, giving the people in your organisation the privacy they need to feel comfortable carrying out their work.

Under Desk Cable Management

Cabling under a 4-person desk needn’t be a challenge with our cable management solutions.

With our help, you can route cables from four terminals effortlessly, keeping it out of the way and eliminating trip hazards.

Check out our cable management solutions today.

Desk-Based Privacy Screens

Our desk-based privacy screens for 4-person desks give your employees the best of both worlds.

Not only do employees get the ability to work with others, but also have their own space for working on projects.

Multiple Top Colours And Top Sizes

Choose from a range of top colours and sizes to fit your office theme and space.

With our customisation options, you can create any look you want and have desks that complement your office fit out. Talk to us today about your options.


Our warranty on 4-person desks gives you both confidence and peace of mind.

Australia-Wide Delivery And Installation

Get your 4-person desks delivered anywhere in Australia, including Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

We’ll deliver directly to your location and provide installation services, including fitting accessories.

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