Reception Desks Units / Counters

Reception Area Furniture

With reception area furniture from Urban Hyve, you can impress visitors and upgrade the appearance of your reception areas.

Choose from a wide range of reception desks, front desk counters and reception units to provide reception services to both colleagues and clients.

With our impressive range of reception area furniture, you’ll instantly impress all your stakeholders and improve your business brand.

Reception Counters Available In All Sizes And Shapes

At Urban Hyve, we offer reception counters in a range of shapes and sizes. Our reception desks are suitable for practically any reception area.

With us, you can get reception units that complement the theme of your communal spaces, providing the functionality you need.

  • U-Shaped. U-shaped reception desks help to generate a welcoming feeling in your reception area. U-shaped counters are ideal for when you want to process two streams of people on either side.

  • L-Shaped. L-shaped reception counters give you the ability to service customers and colleague on two adjacent sides. These desks are great for many reception staff to operate at the same time.

  • Straight. Straight reception desk unit counters are suitable for practically all reception areas. Straight desks give you the ability to customise the space available to you and arrange desks however you please.

  • Wave. Wave desks offer a modern, stylish flourish and are a great complement to practically any business. Modern wavy designs immediately create a great impression with your customers.

  • Corner. Does your reception area need a corner counter? Our corner front desk reception units might be just the solution you need.
  • Curved. Curved reception desks, or C-shaped reception desks, are ideal as standalone desks in the middle of a reception space. The curved design encourages engagement and approachability.

Modern Reception Desks With High-Quality Materials

At Urban Hyve, we make all our reception desks using high-quality materials. With us, you can get glass-topped reception desks, wooden reception units and white reception counters.

These stylish designs will not only create a professional office atmosphere, but they will also help your unit last for a long time, providing you with an excellent return on investment.

Available In A Variety Of Styles And Colours

At Urban Hyve, we understand that every office is different. That’s why we offer reception desks in a variety of styles and colours.

With us, you can choose from formal reception desks made from wood, white/clinical reception desks that evoke feelings of cleanliness, and curved reception desks that are open and friendly.


All our reception desk units come with our special extended warranty.

Thanks to our warranty, your business can avoid the risks associated with fitting out an office with quality reception desks.

Shipping Australia-Wide

No matter where your office is located in Australia, we can ship our beautiful reception desk units to you.

We ship to multiple locations, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra.

We can also help you install your new reception desks. Just talk to one of our friendly colleagues about organising an installation at your office.

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