Computer Desks

Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand


Adjustable Walnut Computer Stand Mobile Laptop Desk - Walnut This sleek, stylish laptop desk offers maximum flexibility to set up your workplace anywhere you want in an instant. Get comfortable by freely adjusting the tabletop to suit for different...

Artiss Grey Adjustable Drawing Desk


Artiss Grey Adjustable Drawing Desk The adjustable drawing desk, with its tempered glass desk top is assured of safe use with utmost transparency. It also comes with removable side trays and drawers. The durable black powder-coated steel...

Computer Desks

Computer Desks For Commercial And Home Offices

At Urban Hyve, we offer a broad range of computer desks for both home and commercial office settings.

With our computer desks, you can organise desktop computers, manage cables, and provide the maximum possible surface real estate to employees.

Small Workstation Desks

Creating compact workstations can be difficult with desktop computers.

But with our computer desks, you can make the best use of your available space while at the same time putting workers at an ergonomic advantage. 

Our small form factor computer desks can fit in most office spaces, helping you make the best use possible of the square footage available to you.

Sturdy And Ergonomic

With us, you get sturdy computer desks that are able to support the weight of heavy computer towers. Our office desks protect your computers from damage.

Some models of our computer desks also offer improved ergonomics. Check out our computer desks models with keyboard trays for improved typing.

Our ergonomic computer desks help to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury from typing.

Straight Computer Desks

Straight computer desks are great for spacious home offices and commercial settings.

Straight computer desks help you to make use of all the available space in your office setting, providing maximum desk real estate.

Corner Computer Desks

Corner computer desks are ideal when you want to make use of corner space in your working environment.

Our corner computer desks form a 90-degree angle, providing space for your computer, as well as additional storage facilities.

Height Adjustable Computer Desks

Height-adjustable computer desks make it easy to get the exact working height that you need.

Height adjustment is arguably more important on computer desks than any other. Being able to type at the correct height is essential to prevent injury.

Get our high-quality height-adjustable computer desks today and reduce the risk of injury in your home or commercial office.

Get Computer Desks To Fit 2, 4, 6 And 8 People

Our multi-person computer desks enable you to get office computer desks that fit multiple people, depending on your needs.

With us, you can choose from a range of 2, 4, 6, and 8-person computer desks that fit your requirements.

All our multi-person computer desks are constructed to an exceptional quality, helping you to get the maximum life from them possible.

With our multi-person office computer desks, you can create working clusters in your office, fostering teamwork.


All our computer desks come with our trademark warranty. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Our warranty gives you peace of mind and takes the risk out of buying new office computer desks.

Australia-Wide Delivery And Installation

Our team of trained professionals can install any new computer desks that you order, including bulky 6- and 8-person desks.

No matter where your office is located in Australia, Urban Hyve can deliver. We deliver all over Australia, including Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Get in touch with us today to discuss delivery and installation.

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