Sit Stand Office Chairs

The Perch Stool


The Perch Stool   The Perch Stool is the perfect addition to our Dynamic range of seating, this gives you the option at the push of a button to go from regular desk height to standing.   This is not a chair you sit on BUT...

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Alpha Stool


Alpha Stool   Drafting Option and Standard Height Option Australian manufactured from local and imported components.   Features: - practical, comfortable stool with large 400 d. - upholstered seat - drafting gas - black footring (std gas on...

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Lab100 Drafting Stool


Lab100 Drafting Stool For all those industrial, factory and laboratory environments which constantly have to deal with strong chemicals and acids, Lab 100 Drafting Stool is a steal deal.  It has a strong design and easy to maintain. With a warranty...

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Lab200 Drafting Stool


Lab200 Drafting Stool If you are on the look out for a stool which is sturdily built and requires minimal maintenance, then Lab 200 Drafting Stool is your pick. It has gas lift features which make it comfortable. To add to that, it has a contoured...

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Lab300 Drafting Stool


Lab300 Drafting Stool Comes with an ergonomically moulded backrest. The adjustable seat and black PU footrest add to the utility aspect of the stool. The design is simplistic yet strong. The 10 years warranty clearly speaks for the sturdiness the stool...

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QDOS Kneeling Chair


QDOS Kneeling Chair Kneeling chairs are a super sitting alternative for people with lower lumbar, sciatic and hip problems. They are also ideal for people have anal fistula problems, a really painful problem exacerbated by traditional sitting...

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Kneeling Chair 'Sandra'


Kneeling Chair Calling this the chair of the future won't be wrong. The Kneeling Chair has a unique design which is ergonomic and helps in relaxing those back muscles. You can happily bid farewell to those back woes and strained muscles. If you don't...

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Muvman Muvman is designed by Aeris in Germany.  It has a unique design and concept behind it. With "flexzone" technology and seat with stylish micro-fibre fabric, the Muvman is a perfect synthesis of utility, aesthetic appeal and comfort. It lets...

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Swopper Chair


Swopper The Swopper is designed and developed in Germany by the married team of Joseph( an engineer) and Dorle(a physio) Gloeckl. Consequently, it has the best of both worlds. Gt this and you can stay free of spinal problems.Who knew the ills of...

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Sit Stand Chairs are the Perfect Solution to Make You Comfortable All Day Long

These sit stand chairs are suitable for all your office based work, including long hours working in front of the height adjustable office desk. Stay comfortable at ease with the perfect sit stand chair that suits your needs. The sit stand selection includes drafting chairskneeling chairs and saddle seats stools that are fully ergonomic with gas lift adjustment to meet your requirements of adjusting to sit to stand efficiently. These sit stand chairs are suitable for corporate and or home offices. 

It can take a toll on the body to stay in a seated position all day long, making it difficult and uncomfortable to stay at your desk throughout the work day. If you want to reduce chronic pain and improve your productivity during the day, then you should consider the option to install an adjustable height desk in your office. Along with the desk, you also need a good sit stand chair to accommodate every position of the desk.

Reduce Back Pain and Stay Healthy

One of the biggest advantages to a sit stand chair is that you can decrease chronic back pain, which can occur when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair throughout the day. Many people find that moving between a seated positon and a standing position improves their posture and health, and helps by decreasing the pain that they are experiencing.

We also offer an ergonomic kneeling chair, which allows you to take the load off your feet but maintain an upright back position at the same time. These chairs are built with comfortable padding and the perfect design to support your body and increase your levels of comfort throughout the day.

Drafting stools are a nice addition to an office with a high table or desk space, and the height of these chairs can be adjusted to match your needs. You can choose a stool with a sturdy back for lumbar support, or maybe you prefer a drafting stool without the back support, to encourage core stability throughout the day.

Function and Style in the Same Chair

Just because you are choosing an ergonomic chair, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the style of your office. These chairs are designed with unique features that make them pleasant to look at and functional at the same time. Choose cheery fabric colors, to brighten up the office and add to the color palette of the room.

Also, consider choosing a sit stand stool that is on wheels. A taller stool can be pulled up to a standing workstation to be used whenever it is needed, and then quickly rolled to the side of the desk when you need to take a break from sitting so that you can stand on your feet for a little while.

When you are spending long hours at the computer, comfort is your top priority. Choose a chair that will support your back and help you to stay comfortable throughout the day.