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AVANT Executive Boardroom Table


Avant Board Room Table AVANT is an award winning innovative table base system with a unique profile, designed for commercial applications and suitable for a variety of configurations including desks, meeting tables and boardroom tables.   AVANT legs...

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Axle Long Bar Leaner Table


Axle Long Bar Leaner Table Features Axle Bar Leaner Table layout 1025mm high. Worktop Size: 1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 600mm, 1800mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 900mm, 1800mm x 1200mm, 2400mm x 600mm,...

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Axle Meeting Table


Axle Meeting Table Features Axle Meeting Table with worktop size of 900mm x 900mm, 1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 600mm, 1800mm x 750mm,1800mm x 900mm, 1800mm x 1200mm, 2400mm x 1200mm. White and Black...

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Axle Round Meeting Table


Axle Round Meeting Table  Features Axle Meeting Table with worktop size of 900mm diameter and 1000mm diameter. White and Black Powdercoated 50mm x 50mm Post legs 715mm high. 80mm height adjustment in each foot. 25mm Studio White worktop with...

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Budget High Bar Table


High Bar Table Colour - Warm White, Beech, Cherry, Grey Size - 1800mm W x 900mm D x 1050mm H 40mm x 40mm Tube Frame - Levelling Feet - Black P/C Frame Foot Rest Cross Bar - 2.0mm Steel Used Throughout E1 Rated Melamine...

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Multi-Use Tables For Any Workplace Situation

If you are planning the design for your home or office building, tables are an essential design element that needs to be considered in order to add functionality and style to your space. Table space is needed for meetings, parties, and everyday use… and finding the right table will make a big difference in the way the room can be used.

Portable Tables make it Easy to Create Tabletop Space Anywhere

Do you find yourself wishing for more tabletop space when planning a party or gathering the staff for an office meeting? Folding tables are the perfect solution, because they can be used in any situation that you may encounter. Use the table when it is needed, and then simply fold it up and move it into storage the rest of the time, allowing you to enjoy open office space without the clutter of unneeded furniture.

Create a Powerful Boardroom or Meeting Room to Leave an Impression on Clients

The boardroom should be functional, but you also need to make a statement to leave the right impression on the clients who visit. When a person walks into your boardroom, they will immediately make a judgment about the quality of your company based on the design of your meeting space.

A meeting room isn’t complete without large, statement boardroom table, which provides a space for the group to gather and sets the tone for the room.

Coffee and End Tables Add the Finishing Touch to the Design of the Room

A gathering space isn’t complete without a stylish coffee table or end table to add the finishing touch to the room. You can use this space to make it easy for clients to set down their bags, and the surface can also be a great place to add accent design pieces such as lamps, vases, and plants.

These tables should add flair of style to the room: a pop of color, a complimentary shape, or a unique design can make it a noticeable piece that captures the attention of every person that walks in the room. The chairs are usually situated around the coffee table, making it a central focus as people spend time in the room.

Choosing the right table brand and design will make a big difference to your long-term satisfaction. Here at UrbanHyve, our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with every item you order. Browse through our catalog of office tables to find the right design for your needs!