SIDIZ Designer Range Chairs

Scope (Sidiz T30)


Standard Features: Synchronized seat and back tilt Gas height adjustment Adjustable tilt tension Seat depth adjustment Adjustable lumbar pad Height and width adjustable arms with poly arm caps Reinforced black nylon base Removable seat cover Available...

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Sidiz Designer Range Chairs for a Chic, Modern Office

Are you tired of boring, drab office furniture? It is easy to get stuck in the corporate rut of basic furniture without any style, but there are new options available that can bring life back into your office with modern designs and fun colors. Don’t create a negative work environment with the wrong furniture, because the color scheme will have a direct impact on people’s attitudes and satisfaction in the work place.

Changing the furniture in your work space can have a direct impact on the morale of your team, which can in turn lead to better productivity and growth within the company. Your top focus should be to foster an environment of creativity and life, helping employees to feel happy and content when they are at work. The office can be a “home away from home” when you develop an environment that is enjoyable and fun.

Setting the Right Tone for Visitors

Sidiz designer range chairs are a great solution in the reception or waiting area of your office, because you can build an inviting and comfortable space for people to wait for meetings. When someone visits your office, they will remember the feelings they had while they were in the building. The quality of your furniture will have a direct impact on the perception that they have of your company. Use the right furniture, to ensure that people are comfortable and confident when they walk in the building, encouraging them to come back to visit again sometime soon.

Showing Employees that You Care About Them

Comfortable chairs and a fun environment make a difference for employee satisfaction, and you need to make sure that you are taking care of each of your employees by providing them with equipment that they enjoy using. They will spend a lot of time in their chairs, which is why you need to choose task chairs that will support their spine and improve their workflow throughout the day.

Task chairs look sleek in the office, and they also are very functional. Our Sidiz designer range task chairs are built on wheels, so that they can be easily rolled around the room to facilitate the natural movement of the employees within the office.

Do you need help choosing the right chairs or furniture for your office space? Contact us today to learn more about the various designs and features that we have available. We offer a wide range of functional and modern chairs to make your office trendy and comfortable.