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Metal Modesty Panel


Metal Modesty Panel Perforated metal modesty panel to suit 1800mm wide desk frame. Screw fixes to underside of worktop. Powdercoat finish. Frame Colour White Powdercoat, Black Powdercoat Colour Option Black Powdercoat, White Powdercoat

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Seachange Straight Screens


Seachange Straight Screens   Features 450W x 1160H, 500W x 1160H, 560W X 1400H Use straight screen with curved screen to make freestanding An extraordinary and completely new concept to screen workstations. The concave and convex design...

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AIRO Desk Screens


AIRO Desk Screens Features   Desk screen for the Airo hight adjustable desk Clamps firmly to the desktop Pinnable black screen on a white frame Due to freight costs, some orders may incur a delivery charge and this will vary...

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E-Panel screen


E-Panel screen Clamp-on screen 1190mm, 1490mm wide by 290mm high (300mm above worktop). Includes white powdercoat clamps  9mm pinnable e-panel screen with square finishing on bottom & 50mm radius top corners. Screen Height 300mm...

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Axle Desk Based Return Screen


Axle Desk Based Return Screen Axle System return screens 800mm x 495mm high (to fit 750mm deep worksurface). White melamine ase/Translucent above, including hidden mounting brackets. Frame Colour White Powdercoat Screen Height 500mm above...

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Axle Desk Return Screen


Axle Desk Return Screen Axle System return screens 800mm x 495mm high (to fit 750mm deep worksurface). Solid core with fabric all over, includes hidden mounting brackets. Frame Colour White Powdercoat Screen Height 495mm above worktop Screen Type...

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MODULO T Leg Fabric Pinboard


MODULO T Leg Fabric Pinboard Features Fixed frame double sided pinboard. Powder coated steel stand with ‘snap in’ fittings. All Pinboards made with aluminium frame and in Autex velour fabric hook and loop and pin receptive. Sizing:...

Maintain Privacy with a Contemporary Office Design and Workplace Screens

These room partitions, dividers and office screens will improve your existing work space or create more focused 'communication pods' with either fabric acoustic panels or translucent screens or mobile room dividers. This screen and partition range is suitable for dividing spaces or employees, and creating spaces which offer both privacy and natural light for modern workplaces.

Are you looking for a way to maintain an open office design, while still maintaining privacy at the same time? Many contemporary office designs utilize screens that act as partitions to divide out the room and provide privacy for employees, and these screens can be designed and adjusted to match the needs of your office.

Maintain Privacy in Style

Most people assume that the only way to maintain privacy in an office building is by having an office door to close, but some of the modern office designs are created to maintain open spaces in the working areas. Instead of doors, partitions and divers can be used to divide out the workspace and create a little more privacy among each of the desks.

These screens are more than just basic walls, because they can be built to match the needs of your office. For example, if you need to manage the sound within the office, then you might choose screens that are made with fabric acoustic panels, which help by stifling the echoing noise. Or, translucent screens can be used to divide the space, but still maintain visibility among employees.

You might even choose the option to have mobile room dividers in your building, which are built on wheels so that they can be easily moved around. These partitions are perfect for meeting spaces or other areas where the room is used for different types of activities.

Natural Light Sets a Nice Environment in the Office

One of the main benefits to using an open workspace with screens and partitions is that you are able to maintain natural light throughout the work area. When walls and doors are built, it shuts out the sunlight so the inner offices don’t see the sun during the day. But, the open design allows the sunlight to filter through to all areas of the office, and the screens help by dividing out the space to provide each employee with their individual space.

It’s easy to see why contemporary and modern designs often use screens and partitions in open areas, because there are many advantages to this office layout. Do you want to learn more about the types of screens and partitions that are available? Contact us today, and we will help you choose the best dividers for the space in your office. We offer a variety of stylish office solutions, and we would love to help you pick the right furniture for your needs!

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