Bar Stools

Dora Short Cowhide Stool


Dora Short Cowhide Stool The latest addition to our cowhide collection, our Dora Short Cowhide Stool is perfect for a number of settings. Featuring its round cowhide seat and short dark timber legs, use it as a decor piece for minimally styled living...

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Matilda Cowhide Stool


Matilda Cowhide Stool Our cowhide collection is one of our best sellers - and the Matilda Cowhide Stool is our latest addition. The combination of the cow-hide stool seat with the ash wood stool legs makes this perfect for rustic and eclectic interiors...

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Louis Industrial Bike Stool


Louis Industrial Bike Stool Part of our design led collection of Industrial Stools. This stool will give your living space or kitchen a high-end urban appeal. The rustic look of the cast Iron body will look stunning at any informal dining setting, while...

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Henry Iron Drum Stool


Henry Iron Drum Stool Another addition to our growing collection, the Henry Iron Drum Stool is a beautifully crafted piece for rustic interiors. The copper  look hourglass shaped base features a delicately hammered pattern while the stool top...

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Jim Cast Iron Leather Stool


Jim Cast Iron Leather Stool This Jim Cast Iron Leather Stool will make a beautiful and unique addition to any informal dining setting, home bar, or kitchen. The cast iron base and body makes these stools sturdy while the cushioned leather seat make this...

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Wild Leather Stool


Wild Leather Stool Hand forged and crafted, our Wild Leather Stool is a rustic piece full of texture. The mix of the chocolate leather seat, up-cycled mango wood, and iron foot rest makes a marvellous combination.

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Forte Bar Stool


Forte Bar Stool Our Forte Bar Stool is a striking piece that has been sustainably fashioned with a re-purposed tractor seat. A modern take on a vintage look, this industrial piece will be a striking addition to bar and counter top areas. It features a...

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Jade Cushioned Walnut Stool


Jade Cushioned Walnut Stool Design, style and comfort come together in our Jade Cushioned Walnut Stool. The sturdy frame has been hand cut from beautiful Walnut wood and upholstered  with a luxurious emerald green velvet. A classic and...

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Bar Stools

The range of bar stools on offer with Urban Hyve has changed over time to include styles that suit all. From wooden bar stools to tall bar stools, Urban Hyve offers a range of designs that are there to make your bar look good. Choose from a variety of adjustable height bar stools to those with a fixed height that is more classic. Your bar stool choice depends on so many factors. Whether you want something vintage or otherwise, there are designer bar stools and modern bar stools to compare before you choose!

Let's take a look at what you need to consider when it comes to your bar stool choices:

Style of Bar Stool

When it comes to purchasing the actual stools for your bar, you need first to consider the design that you want. Some people like the swivel type of bar stool, where others would prefer slim bar stools that are more modern and compact. At Urban Hyve, we have a range of styles and colours that cater to different interior design looks, and we have everything from metal leg bar stools to swivel designs that could suit your bar.

You could choose seats of varying colour material, from fabric to leather in green or red or black - the choice is yours! Some, such as the Gim Modern, come in a range of colours but not height settings, where others are uniform in design but will adjust.

Whatever it is you are looking for in a bar stool, Urban Hyve can assist.

Stool Location

Bar stools may be called that because they would usually sit at a bar, but that doesn't mean that's the only place you can use them. Most of the time, bar stools are portable, which means that they can be used in a business setting, a kitchen at home or even in a games room. Whatever your need for them, this is going to influence the design that you pick.

You need to find a design that's going to suit the style of your room; otherwise, it just won't fit. You wouldn't put retro metal bright green stools in a place that's countryfied! Choose stools that complement the features of the space and decide whether to match the colours of the stools to your colour scheme indoors or choose to have a contrasting colour. You could even find stools that suit your outdoor kitchen - just choose materials that hold up in all weathers.

Whatever your style choice, Urban Hyve can help!


All of the bar stools at Urban Hyve - whether plastic, metal or leather - are subject to the particular products manufacturer's warranty. It's important to do your research with the manufacturer before you purchase your bar stools with Urban Hyve so that you can be aware of what you're getting when you order.

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