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Mod Disc 3-Inner Black


Mod Disc 3-Inner Black Features Motion Disc 3 is perfect for open spaces providing comfortable individual seating spaces in a 180 degree range Includes 3x Motion Loop Curved 60° Inner Back 10 Years Warranty

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Mod Arc 3-Inner Black


Mod Arc 3-Inner Black Features Motion Arc settings provide space for people to collaborate together, with the option of additional screens to enclose the space and provide a high level of privacy for workers. Includes 3x Motion Loop Curved...

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Mod Canopy 2 ABW Seating


Mod Canopy 2 ABW Seating Features Motion Canopy seating can be arranged to create meeting spaces or be used as quite spaces to complete short individual tasks The large acoustic panels and roof provide a very good level of privacy in the busy...

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Mod Loop ABW Seating Set


Mod Loop ABW Seating Set Features The Mod Loop range allows for endless layout possibilities to suit any environment. Creating waiting room areas or collaborative zones is easy with simple loop forms. 10 Years Warranty

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Office Furniture

Your office is your workplace where your staff spends hours dedicated to fulfilling your cause. After their home, it is the office where they stay for a long duration and so it would not be wrong to say that it is like their second home. So, just the way a home welcomes its inhabitants with a cheerful look and cozy ambience, an office should also feel inviting and snug to the staff when they enter it. The prime reason behind this is that an inviting office makes the employees look forward to attending their workplace. It boosts their productivity and keeps them motivated. It also makes a statement about the company and the brand. Therefore, the workplace ought to have the right type of furnishing which can be ensured with the right type of office furniture.

The office furniture plays a key role in the creation of a positive and relaxing atmosphere inside the office which is very important for the efficiency of the employees. We at Urban Hyve present for you well-chosen office furniture that creates a good impression on visitors and clients, thereby giving an indirect boost to the brand and business. Invest in office furniture and the best part about present-day furniture is that you can find a variety of designer furniture to grace your office at Urban Hyve. What is more, the price range caters to all budgets and you can easily find suitable furniture to go with your pocket and preferences.

Types of office furniture

Office furniture comes in different shapes, sizes and styles. It is a big segment which covers different sections of the office. Each of these sections has unique requirements and only specific type of furniture can fulfill these requirements. To begin with, there are cabins and floors that need adequate office chairs & seating arrangement for the employees and visitors. Chairs are probably the most important furniture of an office because they are primarily responsible for the comfort of the employees. Hence, ergonomic chairs are best choice. They bring down the risk of posture-related problems and are best suited for the modern-day office needs where long hours and computer work are the norm of the day.

Accompanying the chairs are office tables and office desks that also have a major role in ensuring comfort to the employees. Choose office tables that come with flexible settings, meaning that it allows height adjustment, tilting and other modification to be done. Speaking of current times, the trend of stand up desks, also known as sit-to-stand desks is catching up fast. There are a fair number of offices where it has made an entry and there is every sign to predict that it is going to stay in the long run. These desks allow one to stand up while working and make for smooth transition while changing the sitting position into a standing one. These are ergonomic office desks and offer a host of health benefits such as lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, weight loss, etc.

Coming to the boardroom, it is an important part of the office where major decisions are taken and major issues discussed. Hence, it ought to be furnished with attention to detail. The boardroom furniture, be it chairs or conference table or office screens or presentation boards or office storage solutions, everything should be high on form and functionality. The boardroom should look professional and powerful while being well-furnished with efficient equipment to take care of the important matters that are resolved here.

Most importantly, the reception area furniture is quite significant as it creates first impression on the visitors and anyone who come to the office. It must convey what the company stands for and what it believes in. Hence, it has to be classy, professional and comfortable. Urban Hyve presents a wide range of cozy and cool ottomans, stools, sofa and similar seating arrangement for this area of an office. Additionally, the reception desk and receptionist chair should also be comfortable and cool, blending with the furniture placed alongside.

How to select best office furniture?

Selecting office furniture is a task that requires careful thought, research and planning. Whether it is about educational & government office furniture or healthcare furniture of office or café/hospitality furniture, the selection should ensure comfort and style while taking care to stay within the set budget. So, before setting out to select the office accessories and furniture, the office area should be measured. It is very important for selecting the right size and right number of furniture items. The next thing is to set the budget and then select the best pieces from the widest collection of office furniture at Urban Hyve.

Contemporary office furniture

While selecting office furniture, you should keep it in mind that it is going to define your company’s work culture and business ethos in a big way. So, it is important that you select trendy and modern furniture that gives out professional and proper vibes. Whosoever walks inside the office should feel that you mean business and are here to deliver. They should also get the impression of a warm and friendly brand that serves people wholeheartedly. In short, your office should exude the values that you believe in and the motto that keeps you going every working day.

Urban Hyve bring for you a rich assortment of quality and modern office furniture. Our vast collection of furniture is suitable for all types of offices as we offer in-vogue office accessories and furnishing items suited to the needs of present-day workplaces. Whether it is healthcare furniture or education furniture or any other furnishing segment, we have a huge variety of chairs, tables, desks, storage solutions and other items to justify your unique requirements. Pocket-friendly, professional and pretty, Urban Hyve office furniture ticks all the right boxes if you are looking to adorn your office in the perfect manner. Our cost-effective solutions for each corner of your office will make sure it smiles everyday and so do the office people.