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Chair Mats


Chair Mats Small Commercial Chair Mat For Carpet Surface - Dimpled 1200mm x 915mm - 75% PVC , 20% DDTP , 2% ABS , 2% Stabilizer , 1 % Colour Pigment - Approved For Fire Retardancy Features Dimpled Chair Mat for use on Carpet Smooth Chair Mat...

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Dual Tier Cable Basket Kits


Dual Tier Cable Basket Kits Connects to Wall Starter, Adjoining Cable Basket or Power Pole Kit. Takes Power and Data Includes Data Provisions Only. Your Data Specialist is Needed for Supply of Telephone and Internet Ports (Cat 5/CAT 6) 2 Year...

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Velour Barrier Rope


Velour Barrier Rope Features  Velour barrier rope with silver snap end clasp mechanism. The rope barriers are used in restaurants , exhibition halls, cinemas , bars and clubs. Ideally used with Executive Q and Little Buddy Q...

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Metal Modesty Panel


Metal Modesty Panel Perforated metal modesty panel to suit 1800mm wide desk frame. Screw fixes to underside of worktop. Powdercoat finish. Frame Colour White Powdercoat, Black Powdercoat Colour Option Black Powdercoat, White Powdercoat

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Mod Desk Shelf - White


Mod Desk Shelf - White Features Desk Shelf Arrow Deskmount shelf - Studio White Axle Screenmount shelf - Studio White 25mm thick x 243mm high x 600mm wide x 300mm deep 4 x chromed bookend hoops Arctic White powdercoat to...

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Retracta Q - Barrier Pole


Retracta Q - Barrier Pole Features   Rectractable belt stanchion with 2 metre long belt available in Black, Blue ,Red or Green. Polished stainless steel pole 1030mm in height. Weight base 8kg for stability with fitted rubberised rim...

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Office Accessories Improve the Functionality of Your Work Station

When it is time to buy office equipment and furniture, most people are focused on the mainstay requirements such as desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. But there are many other accessories that can be complimentary to the mainstay furniture in your office and it is worth a moment to consider the options that are available in order to create the ideal office space for your company’s needs.

These office accessories are used as support pieces for your electronics, equipment, or storage areas. They can make things a little more comfortable and functional which will help to improve your productivity.

Modern Solutions for High Tech Equipment

A mess of cables and cords under the desk can be an eye sore as well as a safety hazard. It can convey the wrong message to your employees and clients about the organizational practices of your company. If you are creating a modern, contemporary work space, you should consider keeping your office space organized and attractive. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple accessories that can be used to make this happen.

For example, you might choose a computer monitor arm to make it easy to move your computer screen to the perfect position for ergonomics and comfort. These monitor arms can be great to give you the flexibility to move the screen around, and maintain comfort throughout the day. There are basic arms that provide simple up and down movements, or a better option is to choose the Flo single monitor arm that lets you adjust the height and the tilt of the screen at the same time.

Do you have dual screens on your desk? No problem. You can use a dual monitor desk mount. Both screens can be installed on this mount, allowing you to adjust both screens to the viewing position that works best for your needs.

Another option is a computer holder. This tucks the computer into a convenient place underneath the desk to keep it out of the way while you are working. We also offer data cabinets and server storage so that you can keep the data equipment in a safe, secure area.

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Whether you are looking for a way to improve multi-tasking in the office, or you need a secure place to store server equipment and data, we have the office accessories that you are looking for! Contact us today to learn more about the options that are available.