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OM Desk Hob


OM Desk Hob Features   Our OM Range of desks are known for their high quality and durability in the workplace. Made with 25mm top over 25mm sides. 3 year warranty.   Material: Beech/Charcoal Cherry/Charcoal Redwood/Charcoal White ...

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OM Reception Counter Desk


OM Reception Counter Desk Features  The ever popular OM range reception counter comes in a wide range of colours. Beech/Charcoal Cherry/Charcoal Redwood/Charcoal White all over White/Charcoal   Material: Counter Body - Finished in...

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A Contemporary Reception Desk Unit / Counters set the Style Tone for the Rest of the Office

When an employee or customer walks through the front door of your office, one of the first things they will see is the reception desk. This desk is designed to greet people as they arrive, and it is also an area that holds various office supplies and other equipment that is needed. It is important that you consider the style of the reception desk, because the design elements of the desk can have a direct impact on the first impression that someone has when they walk into your office.

Reception Desks Design to Strengthen the Brand of Your Company

The first point of contact for visitors is usually the reception desk, and the layout and style of this desk can play a role in the brand that you are creating for your company. You want to communicate financial stability, forward-thinking, and confidence, and it is hard to communicate these messages if you are using old, worn-out furniture.

Replacing the reception desk with a brand new design will immediately upgrade the room, and it will chance the perception that people have when they interact with your company. The goal of the reception area is to create a positive, welcoming environment and you need to choose a desk style that is in alignment with this goal.

The Reception Desk is the Face of Your Organization

There are instances where people visit your office, and the only interaction they have is with the person sitting at the reception desk. Even if the person never sees the rest of the office space, you need to present the visitor with the right impression of the company. The reception desk is essentially the face of the business for visitors who don’t see the other workspaces that are behind closed doors.

If people are sitting in the reception area, it can be an eyesore to stare at a boring desk while they wait. On the other hand, a stylish desk will change the atmosphere and leave the visitors feeling good about your company and the products and services that you have to offer.

Choose a bold design that captures the attention of everyone who walks by, and also make sure that the desk is durable and functional at the same time. Upgrading the reception desk can transform the entry way of your office, and improve the mood of everyone who visits.

Contact us today to learn more about the reception desks that we offer. You can chose from urban and trendy designs that fit well in both straight and corner spaces.

These reception counter desks are suitable for reception areas that require the style and functionality to ensure a lasting impression on current or future clientele. The reception desk option includes straight reception counter design and a corner reception counter. These reception counters are suitable for offices, salons, gyms or any related industry. 

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