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QUICK RISE STAND UP DESK Rapid Surge Height Adjustable Desk 1190mm W x 590mm D Worksurface - 750mm - 1100mm Height Range Gas Lift Operated - 12 Different Height Settings Features Standalone Gas Lift Operated Height Adjustable Desk Desk Height...

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Are You Looking For Better Office Desk Solutions?

Have you ever thought about how standing desks could transform your company?

The traditional idea of a dull and stagnant office is fast becoming obsolete - and thank goodness for that! There's nothing stuffier than a company that has rows and rows of desks with seated employees hunched over their keyboards. The shoulders tense and awkward, the back rounded and uncomfortable - this is just not how we should be working in 2019!


Luckily, you can start thinking about how standing desks could change the way that you get your employees feeling engaged and ready to work, and you can do it with Urban Hyve. We will offer you a free space planning and design service, so you can get the best possible quote for your business needs. Our quotes are completely free and are no obligation - so you get the quote you want without any of the strings attached.

Varied, Active Standing Workspaces

The height adjustable desks that you can purchase with Urban Hyve are designed to help you to create as active a workspace as possible. We aren't designed to sit still and hunch over a keyboard for eight hours a day. Movement is good for the body and for the mind, and a standing desk allows your staff to get on their feet. They'll think better, feel better and do better - and all because you chose to look at the benefits of a flexible, active office.


The sit-stand desk that you could buy for your staff can help you to transform your office design and even increase the productivity of your team. Aiming to create a healthy workspace should be a priority for you when you're leading an office full of people that you want to stay motivated and happy. Your employees being mobile and flexible allows them to remain adaptable to a changing office environment. Talk to one of our experts at Urban Hyve today and we can advise you on the best possible furniture options for your business.

Why Stand Up Desks With Urban Hyve?

Did you know that the average office worker spends over 65% of their day sat down at a desk? Not only can this hinder productivity, but it can also cause health issues in your staff, increasing the absence rate for your office and causes some physical stress to your team.


Experts recommend that relieving the time spent sitting in the workplace can make a massive difference to your day, with ergonomic furniture proving to be the best option for businesses up and down the country. The health of your employees should be a priority for you, and if you can understand how standing up for up to four hours of the working day will help, you'll be researching the right furniture to fit your office design right away.


A standing desk and upright workstation can encourage staff to move. Even simple movements, like stepping on the spot, can prevent sluggishness in the office and an improved posture.

Benefits Of Ergonomic Furniture

With Urban Hyve, you can find the right ergonomic electric sit-stand office desks that are designed purely to provide a convenient way to keep moving during the working day. There are so many pressures on the body when confined to a chair all day, and there are a ton of benefits that are provided for those who are using a standing desk instead. Let's explore some of those benefits.


Are you aware that most of the sit-stand desks on the market are designed to be adjustable? They can be adjusted throughout the day to both a seated and standing height, which means that your staff gets more of choice and a little more control about how they want to feel during the working day.

Lower Risk Of Obesity

A healthy workforce is one that is happier, more motivated and more productive to be at work on time. When people choose to stand instead of sit, they lower their risk of obesity, with approximately an extra 1,000 calories burned each week.

Reduction of Back Pain

It's common to look out on the office floor and catch your team bending and stretching in different directions with the aim of finding relief in their aching muscles and bones. With a standing desk, there has been a reported 32% improvement in those suffering lower back pain. If you can find a way for your staff to be more comfortable, this is the way to do it.


Of course, there are many more reasons that you should be investing in ergonomic furniture that works for your team, but these three benefits can show a dramatic improvement in your business.

Types Of Standing Desks

At Urban Hyve, you can find a massive range of standing desks available to you for purchase. You can adjust a standing desk to suit, from sitting to standing height, and there are a variety of mechanisms out there:

Desk Risers

An excellent way to get started; these are a simple and low-cost way to test out whether standing desks work for your office.

Electric Standing Desks

These sound flashy, and they are! They're easy to use, and they're a very popular solution for most businesses as they are eco-friendly. They may be electrical, but they don't use too much power, and they can also measure your sitting time.

Manual Control

There are also sit-stand desks that use cog and wheel systems manually to move the desk. It's traditional, cheaper than the electric desk and yet it's less practical in this digital world we live in!


Those who need to move around during the day will appreciate the portability of the moving standing desk. These are ergonomic, and they can be as small as you need them to be.

If you want to give your staff more ergonomic help in their workstation, think about their keyboard trays and monitor arms being adjustable.

Why Urban Hyve?

With modern office furniture from the traditional desks and chairs to the sit-stand desks, we are all about healthy workspaces for you and your staff. We don't believe that working should mean discomfort, whether a single office member needs one or a group of people requires a cluster of standing desks. Our free design consultation could change the way you work, and we can give you a free quote so that you can make the best decision for your business. Speaking to one of our friendly experts today can get the ball rolling for you!


At Urban Hyve, we offer a range of custom colours, materials, and sizes that you can choose from. Delivery and installation are offered Australia-wide, with free shipping. Contact us today for more information!