Acoustic Seating

Acoustic Seating

The office environment is evolving all the time. Today, many companies prefer an open office layout, which promotes collaborative, cohesive working. With acoustic office furniture, you can reap the rewards of a design that facilitates group work and team interaction, at the same time as enjoying privacy and seclusion. If you’re searching for acoustic office seating for your office, look no further than our impressive selection of single seats, sofas, and pods.

The benefits of acoustic seating

Many companies actively encourage discussion, interaction, and communication throughout the day, and offices are often geared up to make it easy to engage in conversation with colleagues and clients. Acoustic seating is designed to provide privacy at times when you need to make an important call, you need space and tranquility to reflect or focus or you’re searching for a secluded spot to put plans together before or after a meeting. The beauty of acoustic furniture is that it offers the best of both worlds. You can join in the group chat, share suggestions and bounce ideas off your co-workers, but you can also separate yourself for individual projects and moments of contemplation.

Acoustic office furniture is designed to cater for the needs of modern office workers, and its adaptable design facilitates versatility and flexibility. If you buy a series of chairs, pods or sofas, you can adjust the layout of the room to suit the individual scenario. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, you’ve got a one-to-one catch up, or you’re working alone, you can modify your furniture setup with minimal hassle. Acoustic furniture also has sound-absorbency benefits, which enable you to concentrate when others are talking, or there’s background noise.

Our acoustic seating options

We stock a wide range of acoustic seating options, from modular seats with back supports and sofas to curved seats and innovative acoustic office pods. The modular design gives you the freedom to adapt the layout of the office and the option to work in groups of all sizes. You can put single chairs together to form a cluster for meetings or brainstorming sessions or keep your seats separate for individual work. We also provide seats and sofas with high sides and backs to block out noise and provide privacy. If you need to make a business call, for example, you’ll be able to interact with others very easily within the office space, but you’ll also have the peace you need to have the conversation without interruptions or excessive background noise.

Our acoustic seating collection is designed to provide solutions for modern businesses, which encourage group discussion, teamwork and activity-based projects. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality furniture, which offers you the chance to enjoy the freedom to interact with others and the privacy to work alone at the same time. Our acoustic seating comes in all shapes and sizes, making it suitable for most office spaces.

If you’re keen to find out more about our acoustic furniture, or you’d like recommendations based on the kinds of products you’re looking for and the activities you undertake on a daily basis, why not get in touch? Call us today on 1300 735 310.