Powered Laptop Metal Lockers with Eleven Doors
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Powered Laptop Metal Lockers with Eleven Doors

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Powered Laptop Metal Lockers with Eleven Doors

Charge Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, Tablets, E-Readers and all other portable devices.

UrbanHyve second generation Charging Lockers now have three different charging options.
1. Single GPO (General Power Outlet).
2. Single GPO with TUF USB Type-A & USB Type-C.
3. TUF USB Type-A & USB Type-C.

* TUF = Twin USB Fast Charger.

Charging Features
Safe - All outlets are protected by both an RCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) and Thermal Overload or Overcurrent Protection.
Fast - USB *TUF outlets charges any device up to 4 times faster than a USB PC port.
Intelligent -  *TUF identifies each device and charges them at the optimum rate.
Powerful - *TUF supplies 5 amps for maximum charge.
Green - *TUF is 10 times more efficient when in standby mode.

Three Locker Types
Unit 1. Open Locker - 10 individual charging compartments above the base service compartment.

Unit 2. Two Door Locker - Same as Open Locker except for a single lockable door which secures all 10 charging compartments.

Unit 3. Eleven Door Locker - Above the base service compartment are 10 separate charging compartments each with their own lockable door.

** Each locker has a key operated base service compartment for storage only (no charging facility).

Locker Features
Welded frame provides strength and stability.
Perimeter door surround, prevents doors from being forced inwards.
Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength.
Rear compartment ventilation.
Door ventilation.
Powder coat finish.

Lock Types - Please contact us for prices
Key operated, provision for padlock, mechanical or digital combination locks.

Options - Please contact us for prices
Business Card Holders
Numbered Laminate Plaques
Numbered Laminate Key Tags



GPO Only: 1803mm 381mm 480mm

USB Type A & C: 1803mm 381mm 480mm

USB Type A & C + GPO: 1803mm 381mm 480mm

Lifetime - Locker.
1 Year - Electrical components.




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