Types and Benefits of Stand Up Desks

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 14th Oct 2020

Types and Benefits of Stand Up Desks

How often do you find yourself working and suddenly realising that you are tired? If that is the case, you are most likely sitting at a regular office desk, which hinders you from giving your maximum effort. To prevent that, a simple stand up desk is just what you need.

Stand up desks are designed to be used while standing, or with a combination of sitting and standing thanks to their adjustable height. With many options available on the market, you will certainly find the one that fits your needs the best.

Which One is for You?

It’s simple to choose the right one. Do you want to stand the whole time, or do you need to alternate between sitting and standing? Besides that, the desk height is controlled manually or electrically. To add, many of them are even portable!

If you are an artist, the Artiss Tilt Drafting Table Stool Set is the perfect one for you, with adjustable height and tilted desktop for the best results.

Artiss Tilt Drafting Table Stool Set

Artiss Tilt Drafting Table Stool Set

Take Care of Your Health

In today’s pace of life, one of the most important things we need to pay attention to is our health. That also includes choosing better furniture for our office or home. Since most of the work is now done over the computer, office workers suffer increasing back pain caused by long hours of sitting.

Since even short breaks of stretching proved to make a significant change in reducing back pain, imagine what a stand up desk can do for your health! Because of this, they are the best solution for anyone spending a lot of time sitting at the desk.

Become Energized and Boost Your Productivity

SE Span Electric Straight Desk Raised to Full Height

SE Span Electric Straight Desk Raised to Full Height

Being seated for a long time is known to affect one’s mood and energy. Without the much-needed physical activity, people can start to feel worn out, nervous or anxious, especially if the activities require sharp focus.

This can further lead to poor performance, lack of motivation, and even depression. With just a little bit of issues can be avoided. Workers can grow accustomed to new habits and working methods that improve their mood, boost productivity, and reduce stress levels.

With many designs available for purchase, workers are guaranteed to feel more energetic, focused, and therefore productive.

Save Some Space

Office space is getting smaller day by day with the need for many buildings in one spot. To use the given space effectively means to choose furniture accordingly. Stand up desks are simple, yet functional, often without unnecessary cabinets, drawers, or shelves.

They can be placed in any office size or shape thanks to their design. For example, the Helsinki Manual Height Adjustable Table is not only compact, but also portable, so whatever place you are dealing with, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Helsinki Manual Height Adjustable Table

Helsinki Manual Height Adjustable Table


If you want to improve your focus, productivity, mood, or creativity while working on a task, this smart innovation should be your first choice.

Versatile and modern design, functionality, and a positive effect on overall well-being are just some of the advantages that a regular office desk cannot provide.

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