Things to Keep in Mind with Modern Office Fitout Design

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 15th Mar 2023

Things to Keep in Mind with Modern Office Fitout Design

Coming up with a great office fitout design isn’t as easy as it first appears. It’s not enough to just get a few of the most budget-friendly chairs and sofas, slap a colourful stripe on the wall, put a plant in the corner, and call it a day.

Office furniture fit out needs to be carefully planned out and executed to perfection. After all, you, your employees, and your most important clients will spend a significant chunk of time there. So, every last detail must be functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Take a look below to learn what you need to pay attention to when creating your office furniture fitout.

Consider the size of your available space

Simple Round Flip Table

Simple Round Flip Table

Before you’ve even started looking into modern office fit out options, you need to consider the space you have available.

A large office runs the risk of looking barren and cold when not designed right, while a small office can quickly become cramped and uncomfortable with the wrong choice of furniture.

Ideally, you’ll want to consult with interior design professionals to ensure that you get a furniture layout that makes sense for your space.

You want your office to feel spacious yet cozy, clean and professional yet convivial and comfortable. Most importantly, you want it to be easy to navigate.

Depending on the size of the office, consider space-saving furniture, such as folding tables, to give yourself some flexibility when you need it.

Prioritise ergonomics for employee comfort

Mobile Dark Wood Twin Laptop Desk

Mobile Dark Wood Twin Laptop Desk

Employee comfort is essential if you want to improve productivity and morale in the workplace. Employees who start experiencing neck and back pain because of cheap, uncomfortable chairs or headaches because of poorly positioned computer screens cannot give their 100% every day.

Therefore, when creating your modern office fitout, you’ll want to prioritise ergonomics for employee comfort.

A simple thing such as a height-adjustable instead of a stationary desk or a cushioned ergonomic chair instead of a simple plastic chair can work wonders for ensuring the utmost comfort of your employees.

Offer some privacy

One of the pillars of modern office design is the open-floor concept. It makes your office feel larger, allows your employees to communicate seamlessly with one another, and helps bring a sense of community into the workplace.

However, it can also be distracting and noisy.

Therefore, when planning your furniture fitout, make sure to create some privacy. Partition screens, for instance, can help you break up the room, reduce the noise, and create private spaces. Alternatively, you could even look into chairs and sofas with high backs for some privacy.

Final thoughts

Creating a modern office fitout isn’t easy, but it’s certainly doable. Just make sure to pay close attention to the available space, ensure the utmost comfort of your employees, and provide some privacy for everyone who visits your office.

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