The Future of Interior Design In The Post-COVID-19 Era

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 3rd Feb 2021

The Future of Interior Design In The Post-COVID-19 Era

After the whole world has been hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies searched for a quick short-term solution, so they switched to home offices. It was an excellent way to work in a safe and clean environment without unnecessary physical contact. However, since many companies are now going back to their regular offices, they’re looking for possible ways of improving their interior design to make it a safe but still comfortable working environment.

With new challenges brought upon both employers and employees, we’re here to give you some tips worth considering while upgrading your company space.

Re-Design Your Space

Even though everyone is talking right now about keeping a safe distance, we can’t highlight enough how important this is. It doesn’t matter if your company is operating part-time or full-time; there most likely are a lot of people circulating the same rooms.

That’s why it’s imperative to simultaneously use your space the best you can and consider everyone’s safety. One of the possible ways of achieving this is by bringing in new design into your workplace.

You don’t have to make any drastic changes, just to pay attention to the layout of furniture and whether that is the most efficient way of completing everyday tasks.

We recommend dividing people, so everyone has their own desk for safety reasons. With this, unnecessary contact between employees can be decreased, and people will feel safer using only their own belongings.

For example, our Artiss Rotary White Corner Office Desk with Bookshelf desk will provide each person with plenty of workspaces, while providing enough shelves for all personal belongings and an open design for easy access and cleaning.

Use Your Existing Furniture

We’re also thinking about all those companies that suffered a great deal of financial loss during the initial hit of COVID-19. The majority of companies closed temporarily, entirely stopping their ways of income.

That’s why not many companies can afford to renovate their working spaces right now, but don’t worry. There are numerous ways to make some changes around the offices without buying completely new furniture.

So, if your company was working on various team projects that required big meeting desks, simple Acrylic Screens will upgrade your big tables to a couple of small working areas. The safety of workers will increase without hindering their teamwork atmosphere.

Bring in New Devices

Something everyone should consider right now is adding devices with sensors that will ensure minimal physical contact required for operations. For example, automatic doors without door handles are becoming more popular each day, as well as sensor-activated lights.

Make sure to focus the new devices on high traffic spaces such as entries, conference rooms, and restrooms.

To Sum Up

You don’t have to spend large amounts of money to make your company’s work environment cleaner and safer. Just a couple of small shifts will ensure the employees return to work happy and secure. Also, make sure to check out our online catalogue for more interior design ideas on upgrading your workspace.

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