How To Create a Modern Office Fit Out on a Budget

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 21st Dec 2022

How To Create a Modern Office Fit Out on a Budget

Savvy entrepreneurs know that office design has hidden benefits that are not obvious to beginners. Comfortable furniture and an intuitive layout can do wonders for productivity, but we all know that. In addition to that, a modern office can turn your visitors into high-paying customers.

Successful companies across all industries allocate a big chunk of their budget to workplace design. Modern offices help them attract employees and clients alike simply because people love beautiful places. Their attention to aesthetics shows their attention to detail and makes work much easier.

Believe it or not, you can achieve the same effect on a budget. Here’s how.

Consult a Professional Designer

When we hear the words “modern office design”, we usually think of Skype, Airbnb, or Google. These industry titans employ hundreds of people and have millions of customers they need to impress. Naturally, they spend a lot of money on architects and interior designers to beautify their office space.

Though that might be an additional blow to your already scarce budget, office furniture designers can actually save you a lot of money. Creating a modern office fit out without breaking the bank is an art, and office furniture designers have the necessary experience to make on-sale items look expensive.

Give the Old Pieces a New Look

One of the tricks that professional designers use to make an old office look modern is to refurbish used pieces. They do that with new textiles, different materials, paint jobs, styling, and decoration – these things can refresh your office even on a modest budget, and you can do them without any professional help.

If this is your first time opening an office, and you don’t have any furniture yet, you can buy used pieces online. DIY and second-hand are a big part of office furniture space planning, even in high-earning companies. You can even turn this project into a team-building activity if you have artistic office mates.

Quality Costs Less in the Long Run

If you choose old pieces instead of new ones, you must ensure they are comfortable and durable. In many cases, buying new furniture costs less than refurbishing used items. If they are already low-quality, they will fall apart in a few months. A paint job can’t hold a broken desk together.

The worst you can do is compromise your employee’s productivity and health by choosing hard chairs with no back support. Office furniture space planning must take all of these things into account. A hard chair might be less expensive, but it can cost you a hard-working employee. Don’t be frugal that way.

Opt for Budget-Friendly Opt

Henry Home Office Desk with Drawers

Henry Home Office Desk with Drawers

Creating a budget-friendly but modern office fit out with new furniture shouldn’t be so hard. The best online furniture design is only a click away.

Jari Active Stool - Ergonomic Hour Glass Shape

Jari Active Stool - Ergonomic Hour Glass Shape

Whether you’re looking for classic computer desks or workstations, varsity chairs or breakroom stools, lockers or bookshelves, the options are truly endless.

Fluid 4 Person Double Sided Workstation

Fluid 4 Person Double Sided Workstation

When working with a shoestring budget, the best online furniture design is always cheaper than short-lived renovation projects. Look around - you can always save money by buying bulk, choosing a popular item in a less popular colour, or opting for multifunctional and adjustable pieces.

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