Heavy-Duty Office Chairs: Take Advantage of These Chair Types and Their Benefits

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 19th Aug 2020

Heavy-Duty Office Chairs: Take Advantage of These Chair Types and Their Benefits

Choosing the right office chair for your business is more complicated than it may seem. Instead of settling for a mediocre chair whose life span will be no more than a couple of years, it’s better to invest in reliable heavy duty office chairs that will prove to be a more budget-friendly option in the long run.

There are numerous types of heavy-duty office chairs that you can choose from, and each of them brings a variety of benefits that you and your employees can enjoy. Take a look.

Chair Types

Office chairs come in different shapes and sizes, so before you choose a random type, it’s best to do some research. The following are some of the most popular chair types commonly used in offices.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to be comfortably used by a wide variety of people. Their unique shape helps to maintain proper posture, and since they provide excellent lumbar support, they can help prevent back and neck pain.

Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs feature an ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort while sitting, but they have a few additions as well.

These chairs have a longer cylinder, which places the seat around 30” from the ground, significantly higher than typical chairs that boast an average height of 22”. Because of this, they also boast an elevated foot ring so that you don’t have to struggle to rest your feet on the ground.

Ideally, these chairs should be paired with a stand-up desk for greater comfort.

Mesh Office Chairs

There are two distinct types of mesh office chairs — those where both the seat and the backrest are made of the same mesh fabric, and those that feature a mesh backrest and a padded seat. The second type is commonly considered to be more comfortable.

Mesh office chairs have an ergonomic design, but their greatest benefit is that they offer better ventilation that will keep your employees cool while they work.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive office chairs offer exceptional comfort and style. They’re much more luxurious than the typical office chairs, and it’s essential to be careful when buying one.


Using heavy-duty office chairs brings numerous benefits that you and your employees will feel as soon as you sit down on them.

Customizable Height Adjustment

How high the seat of the chair is will have a direct impact on your posture. If the seat is too low, you risk experiencing pain in your knees and neck. Too high, and it will impact your back and shoulders.

The ideal chair height will depend on how tall the person using the chair is. For a proper posture, while sitting, it’s important for the office chair to have customizable height adjustment.

Can Hold More Weight

Heavy-duty office chairs can support the weight of well over 400 pounds. When comparing this to the standard office chair weight limit of around 250 pounds, it’s obvious why offices with heftier employees need to invest in them.

Better Work Productivity in Using Ergonomic Chairs

Bad posture while sitting affects the mood, stress-levels, and the overall wellbeing of your employees. They’ll often have to move around and get away from their desks just to avoid pain. Comfortable seating and good posture, on the other hand, will keep your employees happier and more productive.

Improved Stability

Although it doesn’t seem very serious, unstable chairs can be a real hazard in the office. Not only do your employees face the risk of falling down, but they’re also more likely to develop chronic pain simply because they need to put in more effort to maintain balance.

Improved stability ensures greater comfort and can allow your employees to relax.

Top-Notch Material

Heavy-duty office chairs are made of high-quality materials that are sure to last for years to come. They’re reliable, durable, and will keep your employees satisfied. Thickly padded seats, extra durable frames, and ergonomic design will ensure that you won’t have to worry about buying new office chairs any time soon.


Investing in reliable heavy duty office chairs is the best thing you can do for yourself and your employees. They’ll ensure greater comfort and bring numerous benefits.

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