Finding Affordable Office Desk Furniture

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 30th Nov 2022

Finding Affordable Office Desk Furniture

You probably don’t want to compromise functionality and style when buying office desk furniture, but you don’t need to spend a fortune. Many providers and online marketplaces offer cheap items on par with their high-end counterparts.

Here are the top places to buy cheap office desk furniture and spruce up your workplace with quality design.


Craigslist is an excellent place to buy anything, including office furniture. However, you can only find used items for sale.

Still, many people sell stuff in perfect condition. You can find a high-quality office desk on Craigslist that looks nearly identical to its furniture store cousin – at a fraction of the price. You only need to take the time to sift through the listings and discover your perfect piece.


Novara Designer Executive Corner Office Desk with Lockable Storage

Novara Designer Executive Corner Office Desk with Lockable Storage

Poshmark is similar to Craigslist, but it also features brand-new products. People across Australia use it to buy and sell new and used items, including clothes, accessories, and office furniture.

Whether you need a corner office desk for yourself or a collaborative station for employees, you can find it on this online marketplace.

Remember that you won’t buy it directly from a manufacturer or furniture store but from a previous buyer who may not have used it. That’s an excellent way to get a cheap office desk that meets your quality standards.


Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy handmade and vintage items, including office desks. You can also customise an office desk from its selection to tailor it to your needs.

All products on Etsy are unique, including made-to-order desks that increase office collaboration or add to your ergonomic design. You can’t find them anywhere else. That makes them significantly more valuable, yet most have a low price tag.

Urban Hyve

Potenza Modern Office Desk with Return

Potenza Modern Office Desk with Return

Urban Hyve specialises in end-to-end office furniture solutions, offering an extensive selection of top-notch products for home and commercial offices. The company also provides furniture fit-outs for businesses across Australia.

Whether you need a modern office desk to match your high-end workplace or an affordable office desk exuding style, look no further than Urban Hyve.

Besides traditional, corner, and executive desks, you can find standing desks for better health and office workstations for seamless team collaboration.

There are also designer desks with all the functionalities for smooth, comfortable work, including height-adjustable desk risers, storage solutions, shelving, and ports for cable management. We’re confident you’ll find many options perfect for your needs.


Finding an affordable office desk that ticks all your boxes may seem challenging, but you have numerous options for sprucing up your workplace. The places above are only the tip of the colossal iceberg, but they’re your go-to spots for inexpensive items that will add more style and functionality to your office.

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